Demeco Ryans WINS DROY!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a landslide, Meco got 36 of 50 votes!!! My favorite part of the article here:

"In fact, no rookie in the last 20 years had more tackles than Ryans, who was an All-American at Alabama in 2005. And Ryans had more tackles than any of the other five linebackers who won the award this decade, including Brian Urlacher and Shawne Merriman."

Can some of you idiots give this guy some respect now?

Here is how the voting broke down:

DeMeco Ryans, Houston 36

Mark Anderson, Chicago 5

A.J. Hawk, Green Bay 4

Kamerion Wembley, Cleveland 2

Mario Williams, Houston 1

Johnathan Joseph, Cincinnati 1

Dawan Landry, Baltimore 1

Pretty easy choice though, wasn't it? Most folks saw this coming by about Week 9.

Easier than saying he should be in the pro bowl (which he was robbed of)

I agree

What did Hester do on defense to deserve the award?

LOL, Hawk will not be better than Demeco. Demeco wins defensive player of the year in the toughest conference in D-1 football his senior year, yet fell to the second round because he didn't have the ideal measurables of an AJ Hawk.

But one thing Demeco has better than any defensive player from the last draft is INSTINCTS, which is what will make him one of the top linebackers in all of football year in and year out.

they should have taken Vince Young 1st rd. Their team would be that much better. Im serious. However Demeco is a stud. I like him and ernie simms. Gonna be great players

If Texans had taken Vince Young #1, they would have both defensive and offensive ROY's this year. Has that ever happened?

Btw, that article implicitly scoffs at Texans for taking Mario Williams #1:

"The linebacker, chosen at the top of the second round of last April's draft -- 32 spots after the Texans made defensive end Mario Williams the first overall selection -- was a runaway winner of the award"

"Ryans came into training camp, was moved to the middle and almost immediately established himself as the premier rookie defender on the roster. Better -- by far -- than Williams."

Almost all media does, just to be in the "in" crowd. Except for Michael Smith (a real man's man)

He deserves the award, but let's be honest here. Those tackle stats don't tell the entire story. Urlacher didn't start out his rookie year as the MLB & didn't even start a few games at the beginning of the season. Plus, he'd never played linebacker before.

Demeco Ryans is who we thought he was. You wanna crown him? Then crown his ass!

Oh yes, we are CROWNING him!!!

Well thats about the first good thing to happen for Houston football so celebrate away. They are still a pretty bad team now they just have the DROY to go along with it. They are on the right track, but there is quite a ways to go.

Dont forget about our pro bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson!!!