Demian Maia Seminar May 9,10th WA state

 Hey everyone just starting a new thread because the last one had the incorrect dates in the title.  Also we will be closing registration once we have 60 people signed up.  The seminar will be held at BJJ of Olympia.  We have around 3500 square feet of usable mat space.

On May 9th and 10th undeated UFC fighter, and multiple time BJJ World Champion and ADCC Champion, Demian Maia will be coming all the way from Brazil to Olympia, Washington to host a 2 day seminar.  Saturday May 9th will be a No-Gi seminar, and Sunday May 10th will be a Gi Seminar.   Demian will be available after the seminar to answer questions and sign autographs.  This will be a closed door event.  Only those who have registered for the seminar will be allowed in the door.  For online registration and more info:  

 we just lowered our 2 day registration price

I'm definately interested in going, but it's a long drive for me and i want to make sure this isn't going to get cancelled (for some reason i dont see many interested here) know how many people have registered by now?

 we've got a few registered right now, I'm  guessing in the next week most of the people who will be attending from the local schools will be signing up.   But I understand your concern jorgee.  There are 5-6 main bjj schools in this area, and I believe this is where most of our registrations will come from.  Not to mention the guys at our school as well.

will they allow video tape?

 no video taping

 no video taping at any of Demians seminars.  It happened once and ended up on the youtube!!!

take all the pics you want though!

Mark Turner

Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu

Hey everyone space is starting to fill up fast for this seminar. We are 1 month away, and we are closing registration after 60 people.

How many spots left? If you don't wanna mention here I could email...

You guys are in for a big treat!!

Did this get canceled? For some reason the website is not working.

 This seminar is definitley not canceled, you might want to try the link again, it seems to be working just fine. We are really excited to have Demian coming to the northwest for this seminar, I can't wait!

 Ideologic we are very close to half full...and most of the people from our school haven't signed up. Which means in the next few weeks about 10-15 more spots from our school will be taken.



 Can't wait! I'll be there with many of my students.

Coach Foster


Fudge Yeah!

 thanks for registering guys :)

here's some pics from the last seminar we held.  This time we will have half as many people, and more room for everyone.

 ttt there are still spaces available

Just registered :)
looking forward to the seminar