Demian Maia Seminar May 9,10th WA state

me to jorgee, we are only 3 weeks away, should be a great time, see you there





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I just finished remodeling our website, and here is the new link for online registration. the old address link still works for registration as well.

 I jut got a text message from, demian's flight has left the airport and he is on his way to the US. there is still space available at the seminar

online registration

ttt for your support charliehustle.

Mark Turner
Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu

 thanks Mark :)

Demian should be getting of the plane in san diego in about 3 hours.....

i spoke with Demian today. I am looking forward to meeting up with him in las vagas next week to train at wands.

also demian will be bringing a guest to the seminar in washington!.....

awesome, I can't wait.....any clues as to who the guest will be? Will you possibly be the guest?  that would be cool

 If it is Wanderlei I will shit my pants!

no its not me. its one of demians black belts Marcelo Manga. he has been here at the academy in Chicago for two weeks.
He is a great friend of mine and is a great instructor. you guys will learn a lot at the seminar!

 awesome, thank you for the info, I'm very excited, can't wait!

well,,,,,, how was it?

It was a great seminar! What I liked the most is that he did not show too many techniques, he broke everything down into great detail, and showed the techniques in progression. The warmup the 2nd day of the seminar was review of the techniques from the previous day, so that really helped with retention as well.


Will I be able to view the pictures from the seminar anywhere? Is BJJ Olympia putting them up on their website?

 I thought it was an awesome seminar.   And like James said, the warmup on day 2 was the techniques from day one which really helped alot. if you want to check out the pics from the seminar you can go to the Submit1 Seminars page on the website.

or just watch below: