Demian Maia UFC...

 Leaving the house at 2am (friday morning) to make my way up north to Canada to meet up with Demian for the fight.  Keep an eye out as ill try to make some time to come on here and do a question and answer with Demian.

take care and please keep this up!!!

thanks guys



 nah cadillac  lol ***and if Demian is cool enough to come on here and talk to the UG lets be respectful and not bring "stuff" like that up! 

Im sure you have more important things to talk about than that!

Maia's da man!

If you can, ask him who he feels are his toughest match-ups in the UFC grappling-wise.  Thanks man.

"Im sure you have more important things to talk about than that!"

I don't! Hah in all seriousness Maia is my fav 185 lber in the UFC. I love his style and I like how he cleanly wins fights with beautiful technique.



Who was Demian training with for this fight?

He's coming to our gym at the end of the month to hold a seminar. Which is very nice of him.

Some questions can be answered here( and here(

Looking forward to this site. Go Demian!

Good luck -