Demian Maia vs. Belal Muhammad

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Go Maia!!

Apparently this guy was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs but is now fighting out of “Palestine” okay…


I like both of these guys. It sucks that one of them has to lose.

Stopping those takedowns should be worth big points.

Maia might be the best 1-dimensional (or 1.2 dimensional at best) fighter of the modern era.

If you adopt a terrorist state, fuck you!

Belal looks tired. Maia is gonna wear him out.

Joking right?

Rd 1: Maia


10-9 maia for the aggression, octagon control and takedown. not a whole lot else happened.


Many takedown attempts!

Why doesn’t Maia kick more? Front and leg kicks would do wonders. Not like he has to worry about takedowns.

Now I’m not so sure. Maia didn’t put anywhere near the pressure on him in the second.

Maia is running out of gas.

Maia’s gotta transition from the single to upper body clinches or drop guard. I guess he felt thr control wasn’t there to drop guard?

19-19. Last round wins IMO

Maia should hump his face