Demian Maia vs Benson Henderson Saturday

Polaris Squads is Saturday available on UFC Fight Pass. It’ll have the below submission grappling match w/ my picks, along w/ the below notable competitors.

Who’s your pick?

Demian Maia vs Benson Henderson: MAIA by submission

  • notable competitors

Kywan Gracie

Isaque Bahiense

Mica Galvao

Gabriel Sousa

Mason Fowler

Richie Martinez

Geo Martinez

Keith Krikorian

Nathan Orchard

Mica, beating everyone by sub

I like the Squads format and think this will be a great event

Have you watched Quintet?

It was a lot of fun, except for getting predictable when Gordon Ryan stepped in

this and a toothpick

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unpack the reference for the fuckwitts. what’s going on.

He’s the cheat code in that format. Made Barnett and C Jones look average

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For sure… felt like you could line up both teams and he’d tap everybody without even getting tired.

And it’s not like the other guys were hacks either… dude is the definition of “on another level”

Dude fights with a fucking toothpick in his mouth.