Demian "The Coroner" Decorah?

I just heard, not sure if it is a rumor but did Demian break his arm and is not able to fight this weekend against the Meat Truck???? If it did happen would have been a great fight. Thanks for any information UG!


IM going to those fights and need information on the card if anyone has it... thanks

Demian is out he broke his arm like 3-4 weeks ago.

That Sucks! Demian is a BIG lug of POWER!

TTT for getting healthy Demian!!!

Jason from Combat-Do

Thanks Tai Otoshi. I actually broke my left hand just behind the index finger. I'm sorry to let anybody down. Hope the show went well!

Great Show! props to Jeff Curran and crew. Schall lost his fight by RNC in the 1st round, but handled the unexpected and surprising loss with great class.