Democrat runs over teen bc he was extreme republican

Anyone check in on @Cool-Arrow ?

Its not, whoever needs one just picked a really shitty state to live in. Save some food stamps and hop on a bus to a state that allows it. When abortion becomes illegal in every state in this country and people are being thrown in jail for having them then you can cry me a fucking river faggot.

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You probably confused him with me as i know i bust your balls alot about it Capt.Peg leg. I bust your balls because of your asinine accusations blaming Republicans for getting your leg blown off.

Some towelhead somewhere thanks you for your service.

This is what a democrat looks like in north Dakota?

What The Wtf GIF by Justin

I use ‘Gimp’ and ‘Gimpy’ very often when addressing dullards. If he actually ‘knew’ me as he asserts I know him, he would know this… instead of playing the H-card to try to divert from his other limitations.

Talk about a lack of ‘integrity’…

A few of them said it was wrong and that is commendable. It is crazy anyone would be hesitant to though over politics.


WHoooaaaa!! Nice burn bro!
We got the Albert Einstein of comedy here folks.

You just dont want woman to have abortions because it means that they are fucking everyone but you
Ive had more abortions then youve had girlfriends young man.
Enjoy your trailer park and collection vintage flannels.

I agree with those who said that this guy did exactly what Joe Biden, pelosi, Watters, and the msm at large told him was the right thing to do.


Apparently protesting at the Capital is worse than homicide.


Didn’t north Dakota make it legal to run over protestors?

Well those things tend to go by the wayside when you intentionally run someone over with your vehicle and kill them.


This retard’s handlers are trolling us.

Biden calls on Americans to ‘fight back against extreme MAGA Republicans’ just days after killing of MAGA teen

In a video posted to Twitter, President Biden said “extreme MAGA Republicans” are to blame for the nation’s woes. This just days after 41-year-old Shannon Brandt ran over 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with his car claiming he was a “Republican extremist.”

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Well… He is already released.