“Democrats living in FANTASY land where debt doesn't matter"

Maybe because no one takes Trumptards seriously anymore. We know if it was Trump in there, you’d find a way to defend it and the only reason you guys are acting upset is because you lost.

Look, stop saying they lost; we stole it from them fair & square.

6 trillion in 3 months

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Did they say if we are getting free phones are not?

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Yeah, how dare they expect the benefits they paid for. Every paycheck of their life money was taken out for SS/medicare.

You’re suggesting cutting the military by 50% because we have outdated nukes… yet you accuse trump of having shit for brains. You’re hopeless.

Jesus, look at all this My Guy v Your Guy.

News flash: THEY’RE ALL COCKSUCKERS THAT WASTE MY MONEY AND YOURS!!! All of em. No exceptions.

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Yet you simp so hard for the state yourself

You are almost there you know the problem, the problem IS the state

Fucken A.
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Sounds like the officers shaking their heads didn’t have the balls to tell their boss it was a waste of money. I’ve seen this shit first hand and it ends up being a fuckup at a lower level than you would think.