Demokkkrat Texas sheriff announcing investigation of Desantis

Enough with this lie.

They are not asylum seekers. They turned down asylum to get here.

That makes them simple garden variety economic migrants. We owe them nothing.


They’ll redefine that just like they do everything else.

Hes Bexar county sheriff, its massive San Antonio and a bunch of small ranch towns in the county.
Hes a dem by necessity. Hes playing to his voters

Fuck that sheriff. This happened in his county not even three months ago:


So has anyone brought up the fact DeSantis made each of those migrants sign waivers and were given food, clothing, hotel stay, showers? So much for this silly “investigation”. Another leftist virtue signaling.


That doesn’t fit the narrative.


Good for him. He should investigate if there was a crime and refer to charges if there wast, or put it to rest if there wasn’t. No more internet speculation and jpegs of brochures, let’s back the blue and let them do their job.

Didn’t they immediately arrest 2-3 people involved? Could be misremembering, but…feels like that’s what the Sheriff does?

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dinosaurs baby sinclair GIF

Its like your kind are afraid to call them what they are. You’re not gonna implode, buddy.

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fuck that pos sheriff



I thought I had a pretty good handle of what was meant by sanctuary city but you guys went and set the new bar to the citizenry immediately holding lavish feasts and commencing housing construction with zero involvement from the government, so I guess we are back to the drawing board.

Great! What was the “handle” you had? Tell me what you think a sanctuary city/town is. Maybe I’m the one who’s wrong. I’m always willing to be taught.



Sure. People who are subject to deportation due to immigration status will not be sought out for deportation if they don’t commit any other crimes.

That’s off the top of my head what I understand it to be. You seem to struggle with the idea that different people “on the left” - the majority of the country - have differing opinions so I apologize in advance if this is one of those cases.

Usually VirusMAP only goes to the mat this hard defending pedos, creeps and degenerates, but here he is white knighting like a mofo for privileged virtue signaling Libs of the Vineyard.

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Birds of a feather and what not…