Dems and Repubs Agree on One Thing:

although when I am in my 50’s if my father in laws health goes down bad might be the only one I am retiring early!

Are you eligible for Roth IRA? If so, should look into maxing that

I am , but my 457b is like a roth, but better

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Government employee here and I think you’re over simplifying. Pension and ss (if it made it 28 years, lol) would probably be enough to survive on but not enjoy my life like I want to in retirement. We have a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) that we have to help and there’s always the ROTH IRA that you should be using because the options in the tsp is subpar. So yes, the market matters a lot to us as well

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You might be able to get better options in the ROTH IRA than the 457b. Not saying to choose the ira over 457. Take the free money contributions and have an ira on the side if there are better choices to invest in. Not a necessity but something to look into.

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oh for sure the 457b has limited investment options, but its with fidelity and I just started putting most of my contributions into an S&p 500 index fund

yeah I mean I won’t be poor. I think between pension, 457b, and va disability, I should be able to retire at 62 and make probably 60-70% of what i make prior to retirement