Dems block bill to release covid origin classified information

Instead of being a human bag of dicks, you could have given a thoughtful response like barklikeadog did. But, nah….


I’ll do what the government won’t, here is the origins of Covid. This guy gives you all the patent numbers of the last two decades. Created here in America.

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Thanks for the info.

I guess we will see if house democrats still think the Wuhan leak theory is “misinformation” still when time comes to vote on it.


Agreed; I can’t imagine justifying not releasing it.

I think the issue here is why are there 3 competing bills? Everyone is just waiting on a bill that has what they want in it. Why not just take a vote on a singular issue.

You’ve got scumbag morons defending these animals on here. They either can’t put 2 and 2 together or they’re horrible people. Or both.

I think it’s more about not being a triggered, non-critical thinking, crybaby whining about things before we understand all of the facts, but…maybe you’re right. God forbid someone think or research past an inflammatory headline.

I think you’re 1000% right. I wish most bills were simple and in plain language and didn’t combine multiple issues (sometimes completely different from the original intent). I think it’s one of the worst things in our gov’t today.

Because Democrats are owned by China


Because politics is political? Because most voters value getting shit done over respecting the Framers’ intent? Because nearly everybody agrees that getting their pork is way more important than nobody getting any pork, no matter how much they decry pork?

What do you have to say about OP or just here to reeeee?

Every Democrat is guilty of treason, Fucking hang them all.

Also the people that empower them.

Why shouldn’t we know where this came from being how many lives it cost and how many businesses it destroyed among many other issues? You’d rather be a troll than have any reasonable discussion on anything. A large part of the reason people are skeptical of vaccines and masks and everything else is the constantly changing narratives and the total lack of transparency.

Continuing to cover shit up isn’t going to make people more willing to inject the gene therapy vaccine, that’s for sure.

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Says the pussy posting from an alt account.


I think that’s honestly the first time I’ve seen an alt account banned. Kirik even came on here about two years ago and defended his decision not to ban alt accounts. He said even though it was unlikely that two accounts would have the same IP address, it was remotely possible they were posting from the same school or household. And that he would rather have alt accounts than ban someone that wasn’t guilty.

Interesting. I think Alts are fine (and sometimes quite fun when they play a character).

Ban aside, fuck this guy tho for calling for violence.