Dems vote to protect Hunter Biden

The Democrats blocked any inquiry into the influence peddling scheme of Hunter Biden. If Republicans take the House as expected in the midterms, the Democrats now effectively took ownership of Hunter — a political proprietary claim that few would relish.

— Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) September 21, 2022


fixing elections has consequences


I thought this has already been investigated? The report came out in 2020.

Protected class.

A literal crackhead has access to the highest office in the nation and they turn a blind eye.


This must be fake news.



Interesting, I’d never heard of that before. I’ve only read the executive summary, I’ll have to read more when I have more time.

Considering it came out in 2020, I wonder if the Hunter Biden laptop was included in it or not.

From the executive summary

What the Chairmen discovered during the course of this investigation is that the Obama administration knew that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board was problematic and did interfere in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine. Moreover, this investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the vice president’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch. And, as will be discussed in later sections, Hunter Biden was not the only Biden who cashed in on Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

This report not only details examples of extensive and complex financial transactions involving the Bidens, it also describes the quandary other U.S. governmental officials faced as they attempted to guide and support Ukraine’s anticorruption efforts

muh Hunters laptop!

You just dont want that video of Hunter butt fucking you to come to light.

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I don’t think so. Possibly, as it was in the possession of both Rudy and the FBI by then, but I don’t think so.

Fuck that noise, I would leak that shit myself if I had the video! I have no shame and the money I’d make would be life changing.

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Maybe Jackson has a copy

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It’s locked up in a safety deposit box