Dems When Trump Was Trying to Get Vaccine Going

We are obviously better at treating it now then before. You have valid points about mandates but I stand that covid vaccine is much different then flu vaccine. Also still hoping you will answer how long in your mind it takes to proven safe.

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I don’t care if he changes it. He was very defensive about pointing out what we all heard years ago, so I suggested it.

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Not sure what you’re asking. How many yrs of data do I need to feel comfortable with the vax? Probably 5-10yrs with no recalls or statistically significant issues. Qualifications? I’m only an engineer but for health topics I rely on my wife (DVM), her dad (DVM), her mom (microbiologist that ran a lab entire career), and my bowhunting buddy (ER doc that’s now a pulmonologist on the covid front lines).

Thank god for our constitution or the branch covidians would have this place looking like Australia.

i reckon 'round these parts if a feller don’t wanna be called a pedophile, he best git with a new screen name.

It all makes for a terrible situation for mandates. If those graphs had much higher death rates to start, then fell off super dramatically when the vax hit the market, it’s hard to argue against. But this vax rollout has been ugly in terms of effectiveness.

I’m a big vax proponent. Hated it when anti-vax crowd helped create comebacks of once-eradicated diseases. But of all hills to die on, they pick covid to mandate?? For healthy adults at very low risk of dying from the disease, with a vax that isn’t doing so well? FFS, this is a bad bad move and a terrible precedent.

I am not someone that is for a mandate, I think private business should be allowed to do as the please.

I appreciate your answer to how long and why I was just curious.

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Wow very defensive about getting called a pedo and child trafficker who would have thought.

If I were high risk, this whole calc would look different. Obesity is a major comorbidity, and those folks would probably be wise to get jabbed, but we can’t talk about obesity because the feels.

A lot of us have been here for over a decade, josh. Let’s not play games here.

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I was not the one that brought up 3 years or changing screen names I don’t give a shit if you have been around for a week.

Point is if you want to bring up accusations bring some proof otherwise you are the pink hair non binary screaming racist at people for nothing you rant about all day long.

Lol I don’t keep files and screen shots of random strangers on an off-topic MMA forum. A bunch of us remember though, Josh. And a bunch of people have brought it up over the past year since you’ve been posting again. And you know this. And have gotten agitated every time. It is the only reason I recommended maybe posting under a different name. To avoid the agitation.

Enjoy your day. I hope you get your mandates.

I have been posting plenty before the last year, I have gone nowhere. Ypu being up false allegations with the point of trolling. It’s fucked up.

Congratulations on being the stripper that accuse Duke lacrosse players of rape.

First, you’re full of shit. There were lots of people on here who were Trump supporters that were saying they weren’t getting the vaccine, or at least wouldn’t it it was forced. And we didn’t like the bullshit of how it was being rushed while any conversation about alternatives were crushed. And this was all under Trump.

Second, I AM anti-vaccine. All these people saying “I’m not anti, just this one” makes them sound ridiculous. Pharma has never had liability on vaccines and most people who say that have done ZERO research on their own about vaccines. It’s just this one where everyone is educating themselves now. So if y’all think “anti-vaxxers” are crazy, you can fuck yourselves. Do the research.

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Kid’s table. With the plastic ware. Can’t have you hurting yourself on Christmas!

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be better to keep your mouth shut about human trafficking in a third word shithole… probably go farther

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I don’t think any Pharma company should pump out crap and not have to deal with the repercussions of it. Fiscal liability is the only thing that keeps them slightly responsible

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This isn’t hard to understand. Big pharma is now paying off democrats. They don’t care who’s in office. A huge chunk of America is on prescription medication and a huge chunk of them get it paid for by the gov’t. That’s called a reliable voting bloc. Big pharma ain’t giving it away out of the goodness of their hearts.

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