Denis Kang Changes Teams

Can someone tell me whats up if anything. Denis is now with att, did he split with marcus soares? What happen to his school now that hes gone.

goodluck dennis!!

I DID NOT split with Marcus. I'm moving to Florida because of my girlfriend and to train at American Top Team.

Congrats dendawg, really looking forward to an extremely successful '05 for you. Good luck in Florida!

Congrats Denis !

Have fun, kick some ass and introduce Shelby and friends to the Trailer Park Boys !

Dennis, when do you leave?

Kang is awesome. ATT is awesome. Should be a killer combo.

JHR is funny

I thought I told you Randy, No more shit talk till we're back in power....

to respond to the other question, adam ryan is taking over the classes that denis has been running. adam is a brown belt under marcus soares and is 5-0 in mma including a victory against ivan salaverry.

Good Luck Denis!!

I trained with Adam last year and he is Awesome!!!


I thought Adam's last name was Tarsey

good luck and watch out for home insurance lol

Jason, Adam changed his last name sometime last year i think? anyway it is now Adam Ryan.

Good luck to you Denis! all the best at ATT. I will be down there for a week in MArch. looking forward to tapping and getting knocked around the gym

All the best with ATT and training Denis!

Good Luck!

Did Shelbygirl finally manage to hook-up with Denis?


Good luck training at ATT Denis. This year is gonna bring nothing but success to you!!! One day you might even achieve the looks of the Latin Heat himself, Mr. Taco Paco =)