Denis Kang + co. training video

One of the best MMA videos I have seen, strait up.

Featuring the pride of Vancouver, Canada's MMA scene: Denis Kang, Jason MacDonald, a little bit of Ulysses Castro, coach Marcus Soares, a female fighter I am not aware of, and recent Vancouver guest, Ikuhisa Minowa.

Shows great all around MMA training with some good style.

KANG IS IN RUSSIA to fight Suloev on Saturday! I believe Castro is also fighting aswell. Kang fought Semenov some time ago in Russia to a draw but by most accounts, it was a clear win for Denis apparently.

TTT for Dendawg.

suloev broke his hand, so denis is fighting some other russian dude.

Wonder why Bill Mahood isnt in there...guess he wasnt around when the video guy and Minowa were there?

Anyhow, check the video, yall, its sweet...

The female you see in the video is none other than the beautiful Miss Shelby Walker.

cool shit

Minowa looks huge in that vid. I wonder how their training sessions went.

TTT looks like a nice gym, Go Dendawg!

Kang is blowing up. What is next for that guy?

wow, what a vid

BEst of luck to him in Russia

can you post a link for download



I like how the place is really very well lit, but in the video it looks like a basement or a dungeon. Cool effect

Awesome vid Wasa-B. Do you know who produced it?




Greg Allen made the video.

Denis won his fight in 1:15 rd. 1 via choke.

Really cool video.


It didn't work for me off the site so I did a little quick page sourcing and found the direct link.