Denis Kang: Manequin Pimp

lol.... blue namer please:

HOLY SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 for 1. Great deal!

well done denis:C

2 reasons to like Korea lol !

So maybe he is going to get married in Korea. Are you allowed to have multiple wives in Korea?LOL

Way to go Dennis!!!

Where's the embeded Snoop "P.I.M.P" or does Pierceson have an exclusive on that?

The look on Kang's face is like, "Yeah, I run this fucking show."

The one of the left is very hot!!

Denis is a lady killer

I'll bet the one on Denis' left has a penis... lol



Fuck you Jason.

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Fuck you Jason.

Thats for when Nathan edits his post when he realises he's a DUMBASS...

I was talking about the girl on Denis' LEFT, thus...the other girl...



I was going to edit my post but I guess not now. Jason is always hammering me and berating me how I'm a stupid Maritimer that I'm freaking paranoid.

Apology accepted.



I've never called you a "stupid Maritimer"

It was "Poor man's newfie"



LMAO!! That's even worse in these neck of the woods...

Don't worry...

I get called "bluenoser"

Solid little cuties, err except for Denis of course.

I luv Korean women. Hey doesn't Kang kinda look like The Rock.