I have just finished editing a new promo video for Denis Kang and posted it to his website under the "news" section. Check it out.....

Denis has just returned to Vancouver after having been invited to spend a couple of weeks with Randy, Matt, and Evan at Team Quest in Oregon. The training was extraordinary and I want to extend a huge thank you to the guys for welcoming Denis into their camp in Gresham and showing him an amazing time.

I am currently working on several potential fights for Denis and hope to have him in the ring within the next month. Denis is currently in the best shape of his life and is ready for all comers.

Anyone interested in Denis and his current schedule should please contact me....

Everyone should keep their eyes on Denis right now.... His time has come....

Congratulations to Denis!!!

Denis fought twice in the Spritmc tournament today in Seoul, Korea and managed to secure two back to back victories over his opponents.....

First fight Denis beat his Korean opponent in :35 seconds with a series of strikes resulting in an awesome right hand TKO.

Second fight only lasted about 1:10 with Denis securing an extremely dominant victory with an overwhelming barrage of punches and knees....again victory by TKO.

Incredible performance by this amazing young athlete.

Everyone back home is very proud of you Denis....We're all looking forward to your next fight.

Keep up the great work.

ttt for Denis Kang...the real deal, look the fuck out!!