Congratulations to Denis!!!

Denis fought twice in the Spritmc tournament today in Seoul, Korea and managed to secure two back to back victories over his opponents.....

First fight Denis beat his Korean opponent in :35 seconds with a series of strikes resulting in an awesome right hand TKO.

Second fight only lasted about 1:10 with Denis securing an extremely dominant victory with an overwhelming barrage of punches and knees....again victory by TKO.

Incredible performance by this amazing young athlete.

Everyone back home is very proud of you Denis....We're all looking forward to your next fight.

Keep up the great work.

Excellent work Denis. Congratulations to the Spiritmc tournament winner!

Can't wait to get on the mats with you when you get home next week.

Just talked with Denis.....He is very happy with his victory.

He's looking forward to returning to Vancouver and helping Bill Mahood prepare for his fight at TKO in Montreal on February 28th.

Denis is on fire right now..... At this rate, he will be fighting in one of the big shows in no time..... UFC or Pide take notice..... Denis is ready!

Way to go Denis !!!




Excellent work Denis!! Looking forward to seeing you take your rightful place at the top of the MMA game.

nice job denis.


With fights in the US, Canada, Japan, Russia and Korea Denis is rapidly becoming an international man of murder.


Good job!

Righteous work!

attab oy Denis. TTT for more results from the event.

Great job Dennis. Makes me proud to be a Canadian!!!

Denis Kang is the one to be watching...The best is yet to come.

Dana, take notice. You need a star in 185 division. Dennis Kang maybe the guy you are looking for.


Zuffa, make it happen!

It's just a matter of time when Dennis hits a few more destinations. Vegas, Atlantic city, or Japan. There is no doubt in my mind he is more than ready to jump into the pool known as the UFC Middleweight division.

It's going to happen...he's just too talented an on too big of a role right now. It can't go unnoticed for much longer.

There is a Denis Kang profile article, originally published in Grappling magazine, now online at

Also he and I have co-written an article on guard passing in MMA that will be published sometime soon.