Dennis Hallman seminar 5/22

Dennis will cover stand up fighting, takedowns subs, positions and escapes as well as drills for mma. It's only $30 for three hours. from 1-4 at perpetual motion. 610 O'Leary St. Olympia Wa.

Hey ... what is the date for this seminar.

5/22 if you didn't see the title

My bad ... hehe ... thanx


you going yelm?

not sure. I may be out of town with my g/f but if not I'll be there.

For anybody who does not know Hallman; he is more than just a good fighter. He knows his shit very well and is very good at breaking it down to teach it. $30 for three hours is a fucking steal.

ttt for dennis

30 bucks for three hours is tremendous!

It's in Olympia and there are a lot of people who don't even know his school exists.


Is the address of the seminar also the same as his school?

Any info about his schools schedule would be great, thanks.

address is 700 o leary street. it is the same as his school. Currently tues and thurs from 630-900