Dennis Hallman vs. JT Taylor!!!

Desert Brawl returns once again to Bend, Oregon Saturday, November 8th, with fights being scheduled daily this looks to be the greatest night of fights the northwest has ever seen. Martial art schools from Oregon, Washington and Idaho are sending their toughest fighters to represent them in Oregon's real kumatie. Making a special appearance will be the WEC promoter, Scott Adams scouting for the northwests top fighters.
Portland's Carl "The Professor" Pope is going to be defending his Desert Brawl title once again. "Big" Mike Stegmann from TKO gym out of Boise, ID has returned to challenge Pope at 250 lbs. plus, this looks to be a big affair as both have very heavy hands. Pope is undefeated as Desert Brawl Champion and proves one more time that the Pope family is ready for any challenge.

Following in his father's footsteps, Ryan "Ruthless" Pope puts his Desert Brawl title on the line with Team Quest's Ed Herman out of Portland. Both of these fighters are no stranger to each other with this being a rematch a year later and a lot more experience with both fighters. Who will prevail as Desert Brawl's 185lb. champion?

One of the most anticipated fights of the night the first of the two super fights Justin "The Hawk" Hawes vs. Rich Garren. Both battle hardened veterans meet up in the cage to face off! Rich Garren fighting out of Washington and having a lot of experience with over 40 fights will be facing his toughest opponent yet-Desert Dog Justin Hawes with an impressive record of 13-4 has some of the hardest hands in the industry. This fight is one that has two very skilled gladiators clashing to be crowned 205lb. champion.

Eric Dohlberg from Seattle's Ring sports and a purple belt in jiu-jitsu will be taking on a very game fighter in Ryan Shultz out of Portland's Team Quest. Dohlberg with a 6-1 record will be returning to Desert Brawl after a year lay off. Shultz a very tough fighter with a record of 3-1 is only beginning to get a reputation for a nasty right hand will make his mark for the number 1 contender spot in Desert Brawl.

Main event should be a down right barn burner (no pun intended, Hallman!) UFC veteran and Victory Athletics trainer Dennis "Superman" Hallman taking on Desert Dogs trainer and champion JT Taylor of Bend, OR face off in the ultimate grudge match. Taylor, a Marcelo Alonso and Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu disciple puts it on the line in his home town against one of the top five in the world. Superman better look out as Taylor is hungry and going to come out gunning for Hallman. This will be the fight that settles all scores and 5 years of bad blood-coming to one bad ending!


I was wondering if I am going to ever be invited back to WEC?
Jeff Curran

When are the past WEC events going to be available to the public?