Denny keeps whining & complaining

I just read your interview on with Keith Mills and I quote,...

"TD: The danger of a very technical striker versus a wild striker is you never know. I ended up getting an eye scratch. When you punch with your fingers open you are more apt to poke people in the eye or scratch people in the eye. He threw a leg kick with a left hook at the same time and caught me with a pretty good eye scratch. I was trying to wipe my eye and let Cecil (Peoples, referee) know he caught my eye and at the same time he threw an overhand, looping right hand that hit me in the back of the head. Not a knockout blow and illegal anyway but it threw my equilibrium off. He jumped in and hit me with a couple hammer fists to the back of the head and to the face and Cecil jumped in and stopped it. I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth. I clearly dominated the first round. In the second I should have switched it up and gone back to the ground again. The only chance he had was a puncher's chance with those wild strikes and that is what ended up catching me."

Dude, get over it already and take the loss like a man.

You're complaining too much and whining like a little girl dude.

Every interview you do, you keep complaining that you loss because of a wild punch and that you were poked in the eye or your eye was scratched. Man, get a grip and take the loss like a Professional, not a poor sport.

Well, since you're putting me on blast telling every interviewer that you loss because I poked your eye or you loss because you're used to fighting technical strikers and got simply got caught with a wild punch of mine, I'm gonna settle it here and let the boards decide what happened in our fight and give you a little insight on what went down since my punch fogged your memory bro.

Here it is, our actual fight. Notice how your eye wasn't gouged or poked with my fingers with an open handed punch. Notice how it was an actual closed fist punch right to your eye and how paranoid you were when you immediately looked for blood on your hands.

I punched you in the eye and of coarse, like all punches to an eye, it will blur your vision. When I hit you with that over hand right, it came from the opposite direction where your good eye would have seen it coming a mile away. It hit you just below your left ear and you were stunned. I then grabbed you by the back of your neck and pulled you down with my left hand.

Notice how I reframed from kicking your head off your shoulders when you went crumbling down.

If I were in Guam or Japan in one of my usual shows where soccer kicking the head is legal, your head would have been sent for a field goal.

I had to hold myself back from kicking your head off because I had just rememebered that moment that it was a KOTC fight and I wasn't in those other shows.

I beat you with no questions asked. I beat you convincingly. I beat you because you weren't protecting yourself intelligently. Hammer fists to your face, not the back of the head as you keep adverstising and announcing to the world.

After the fight I gave you props and I had said you were one of my favorite fighters. But I didn't know you were such a POOR LOSER. I didn't know you were gonna whine and cry and tell the world you loss because I got lucky with a wild punch or that I poked your eye out.

Dude, that's not cool for being a professional fighter who gave all his love to "Christ and All Mighty Savior" at the end of our fight when you were handed the microphone.

You even gave me props saying, "What can I say, my hat's off to Joe Camacho, he's a veteran".

That was big of you to say that.

But then you go on boards and on your website and on interveiws whining like a girl.

That's not cool man.

I thought you were better than that.

Well anyways, good luck with your fight with Maliapet.
It's going to be an interesting fight.

Now, with out further ado, the link to our fight.

Look for any of your claims and accusations.

*If anyone likes, you can post the video here so that readers don't have to follow the link.

Thank you

Joe Camacho

P.S. Out of my 13 wins, 10 are by way of knockout. Wow, I didn't know I have such a lucky punch, and I'm a Jiu-Jistu guy even to top it off. Some luck. :)

Damn TTT !

Follow the Link:

I know he posts here. He posts everywhere.


Thanks for coming on the UG!

Who do you got for tonight's fight? How do you think it will go down?

Isnt he fighting tonight I doubt he will see this...

And I agree Denny needs to stop bitching and take it like a man.

Well, I am a big Maliapet fan so I'm gonna have to go with Maliapet and his devistating kicks.

Denny could win if he sticks to his plan and takes Maliapet out of his game, or unless there's DQ by Malaipet with his knees and elbows to a downed opponent or something of that nature.

If Denny stands with a polished striker, he's gonna have his hands full.

Thx JC,

Looking forward to seeing Maliapet, haven't seen him yet.

Camacho is much better than his record suggests. His ground game is SLICK. I remember watch you both fight on my old KOTC tapes from a few years back. Sometimes people find it hard to admit defeat.

In the old days it was about having fun and for bragging rights. It was about looking flashy and looking impressive for the dvd sales.

Now, this sport has gotten regulated and there's a bit of a structure and guideline now as opposed to just sending in video tapes of your self to get in a show.

Now, these major shows look for "PAPER FIGHTERS" who look good on paper and who were selective on who they fight in order to pad their record.

Then, there was no database for records or sanctioning body to approve fights. Then, it was all about reputation and word of mouth and if you had a highlight reel, that was incentive to get put on a good card.

I'm no "Paper Fighter", I'm a Real Fighter who fights other Real Fighters who've paid their dues.

I've paid mine, and I'm still paying.

Some people inherit their fame and some actually pay their dues earning it.

Wish I were at Chumash Casino tonight to watch the show live.


ShoXC airs tonight on SHOWTIME at 11pm right?

There's so many Showtime

he didnt dominate round one

he maybe won it but good fight

something hit him in the eye but he got knocked out no question

Hey Joe, I remember you posting a video link on here showing your shooto fight with Wicky. Do you still have that link to it and any other fights on that show?

that video doesnt help your case really

J-Money: Here you go.

"that video doesnt help your case really "

Does it help his?...haha

For being better striker than I and used to fighting guys more polished than me, and also was predicted to dominate me all the way across the board, Denny did not even hit me flush on the face. Well, maybe once when I was working my guard when the crowd went, "OOOOOW"

Whatever the case is what it is. A win is a win and there's no if, ands, or buts about it.

So Denny was supposed to beat me that night, so what!
That fact is that he didn't and his excuses and reasons why he lost are just an angry man's issue he has to work out alone.

That video didn't help?..uh, I helped me see me win a persdon who was supposed to send me down to the 45 pound division....haha


Good fight Joe. When is your next one?

Props to JC on the fight...and we are proud of the fact that Thomas is wearing Premier Fighter...We think you guys are both great fighters and love to see good fighters go to the wall every time they step into the cage!

lol, I noticed you stop yourself from the soccer kick.

Very entertaining fight though, thanks for posting it!

Thanks for the link, Joe.

lol no it doesnt help your case at all

in fact you are coming across as whiny too


you have some thin skin. you popped him on the head with a great shot. he also clearly got poked in the eye. its not a dis, it happens. he also clearly won the first round. what are you even bitching about?