Dental Question *VERY IMPORTANT*

I live in Ottawa Ontario and have a dental question...

I think I have my first cavity...Its a right rear molar...I know this because it hurts a bit and whenever I breath in, it stings a bit.

The problem is this...

I got laid-off from my previous job about 3 months ago so I lost my benefits...I have a new job but the benefits don't kick in until my probationary period is over which in June 8th...

I am not a rich man right now...I will be well off in a couple more months, but since the lay-off money has been tight...Is there any way to get subsidized dental work done? If anyone knows how I can get this work done cheap by a professional, I would appreciate knowing.


Hey Fight Music,

Where do you train? I haven't been but I think some hospitals offer free dental. I'll ask around.


Ronin MMA

fight music doesn't train lol

lol @ hmeboy...Shahram, its Arlen

There's free dental work at Ronin's. We'll just have you spar without a mouthpiece.

How goes it Arlen? How's the job?

You "know" it is a cavity? You are Clark Kent with x-ray vision? You could have suffered a "tooth concusion" injury which makes it sensitive. Use Sensodyne and when you got the $ go to a real Dentist.

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the internet"

Hey Arlen,

What's up bro, when are you coming back to train? I can't believe you have more posts that hmeboy!!

Again, go see a dentist. Tell them you have no coverage. A good portion of dentists have different prices for people with no coverage as they jack up the prices for those with dental plans. Ask a few about the prices and then go with the one that you can afford.

Or wait till dental kicks in.

Yeah, I'll call around and see what the prices are, or just try to wait it out...Of course if it gets painful, there's not much I can do but just pay the price...Which is why I'm asking about subsidised dental work for people without coverage.

damb, the new job is great, and will be better once I start receiving commission, unfortunately training took a month and a half.

Shahram, myself and Jamie would be training at the club right now if you guys were to start morning classes...Since we both work at Minto, the hours of work conflict with your evening class hours.

Fight Music, seriously go pick up some sensodyne toothpaste... It will help with the stinging...

Thanks for the suggestion Devious, but I have already been using it for over a year.

Nothing worse than an itch you can't scratch...unless it's a tooth ache you can't get rid of.

Over a year? R-o-o-t C-a-n-a-l ;) hehe

"I can't believe you have more posts that hmeboy!!"

I can. He's an OG WHORE!

"There's free dental work at Ronin's. We'll just have you spar without a mouthpiece."

Holy crap, that was actually pretty witty! I guess you haven't taken too many shots to the head after all!

Devious, I haven't had the problem for a year, I just figured that its the best toothpaste out so I might as well use it.

I think you're right about the root canal though, cause the discomfort doesn't seem to be coming from the bottom of the tooth where I would chew, it feels more internal between the tooth and the gum.

Pull that sucker out with pliars!