airtight boxing presents

fri feb 20
ogden theater
935 e colfax

amateur fighters needed men and women ALL styles welcome

call andrew 303-922-7897 or steve 720-298-1954
or email me at

for boxing or for NHB?


would it be possible to compete in both in the same night? Do you have any heavyweights lined up?


call me buddie..........

and i will also do group rates on tickets

you've got mail.


Can you run down the rules, divisions, weight classes, time limits & prizes please?



Lol @ "prizes". Fight Club is strictly a volunteer venture my friend. No trophy, no money, no cool certificates. You do it to test yourself against another man, or in at least one occassion... woman in the ring. (She won by the way)

You get matched up with someone about your size and they put you in for 3 rounds. Sometimes, they're 3 minutes, sometimes there shorter. We're talking unsanctioned bouts here.

You will be entertained, but we're not talking about Olympic caliber amatuer boxing here.

maybe somebody could throw in a t-shirt? If so, I'm in.


Comeon Buddie, do it for the bruises

fuck it I can make my own t-shirt. How late can you register?


Buddie, if you show up and they can find someone about your size, you're in. Just that easy.

Here's an exchange I saw there once.

Drunk guy-- "Hey man, I feel like kicking someone's ass! Put me in there."

Fight Club guy-- "Are you drunk?"

Drunk guy-- "Hell yeah! I'm f...ucked up!!!"

FCG (with look of exasperation on face)-- "Are... YOU... drunk?"

Drunk guy-- "Uh... no?"

FCG-- "Fine! Just sign this waiver and...."

I've seen people get into arguments in the crowd, then get talked into stepping into the ring to fight, including women.

You're talking a wild west version of "toughman" here.

i hate toughman and this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Buddie, let me know if you get a confirmation to fight. If you want/need I can be there to corner for you.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

First Marvin Gray, now this!

I didn't know that there was so much excitement in Colorado.

Lol @ Kurt Conway.

thanks JR, I'll shoot you an e mail when/if I go. I could definantly use someone in the corner.