Denver Man Claims to Have ET on Security Cam

A Denver, Colorado man claims to have captured the image of an extraterrestrial, namely, a little grey man, on his outdoor security cameras. The City Park incident was reported to have happened sometime in the wee hours of the night on February 1st 2012.

The image of the supposed EBE is taken from the video released as part of a newly released MUFON report on the incident. The image, which was digitally brightened with the intention of showing the creature’s outline better, is one of five separate images the witness claims to have captured over the course of four years.

The homeowner claims the small creature appeared suddenly on the video feed and dissolved shortly afterward but not before gesturing towards the house.

“For a fact there are two points that form and then between those points a flash of light forms from the middle and then the little fellow appears below, raises its right hand gesturing towards the backdoor of the house and then disintegrates,” MUFON reported.

There’s been no news about whether the City Park grey has been back within the past year to pose for the cameras. Though it should be noted that in their report MUFON was quick to remind readers that “UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.”

The witness, on the other hand, feels differently.

“This video capture is most extraordinary in my opinion but no one seems to care.”



well im convinced

jason73 - well im convinced

It's been called "the most damning evidence of 2013", and I have to agree.

Oh my what an outstanding photo that definitely proves the existence of ET's.







































I think I see a few other ones in that same pic!

To be fair.. The fox affiliate in denver got video of ufo landings that had to be seen as superslow mo... They used their own hd cams in the same place at the same time(different days btw) and caught the same landings.. Was interesting to say the least. Phone Post 3.0