Denver/Washington Trade?

Portis is averaging roughly 25% more yards per game than Griffin.

Both backs had great first games, and have dropped since.

Griffin has 3 fumbles in 3 games.

Baily effectively eliminates 1 receiver from the game on every play. I think I saw one pass go his way (which was incomplete) against the Charges this week.

I say it's still way too early to tell. Washington obviously got the better running back, but Denver may still have the overall edge.

What do you think so far?

Have to see how Tatum Bell turns out. remember Portis had fumble problems when he got here as well. For what its worth Denver has the number 1 rated defense in the NFL, because of Champ? Maybe, but as I said, when you have a corner who effectively takes one side of the field away from the QB's and allows your defense to put 8-9 guys in the box on a regular basis I would say a corner can trun a defense around. We are number 2 against the pass, 14th agaisnt the run, Preiest 156 yards didn't help, but we held LT to 70 yards, and Fred Taylor to well under 100 yards I believe. Does a corner make a difference on a defense, probably more than anyone gives credit for. Also look at who Portis has played compared to the defenses that Q has played, The chiefs suck on D, but the Jags and SD are no push overs on D. I think even without Tatum Bell producing Denver got the better of the deal.


have to see how Griffin & Bell turn out, or if Hearst has an impact. Bronco's have an amazing scheme on offense & Mike Shanahan, he got what he's always wanted in Champ Bailey, he'll have at least a decent running game with what he has, he just made a choice that he wants a more defensive team, which is smart.

I hate the Bronco's.

Thats all for now.

This will wind up as one of the rare trades that work out for both teams.

Portis will do very good in Washington. Champ's champ....

I fully expect Tatum Bell to become the next big Denver RB, with Quintin Griffin, becoming one of the better change of pace RBs in the league.

On another topic, what do y'all think of John Lynch? So far he seems to play a lot like Steve Atwater did, which is playing for the big hit, but rarely making a play for the ball.

Lynch is playing great. Look anytime your defense is number 2 in the league against the pass when you were almost last in the league last year your players are doing something right. He is a sure tackler, and QB's have to know where he is on the field at all times, just like they have to know where Trevor is on the line, they have to know where Al Wilson is, and QB's also need to know who Champ is matched up on. People also forget about Kenoy Kennedy, he is big, fast, can tackle, and can lay licks on people.


Let's get something straight - Denver's D has played against...

Jacksonville - 32nd ranked offense - BTW they lost this game.

San Diego - 24th ranked offense - Quick, name their starting receivers!

Kansas City - 18th ranked offense - nowhere near what they showed last year offensively.

Denver is #14 against the run & 6th in points given up.

Not too bad, and luckily you get to play KC, San Diego, and Oakland twice each.

Now, let's see you play the Pats, Colts, Eagles, etc. and THEN we'll talk about defensive statistics.

Oh, also - Trevor Price is 4-6 weeks.


What you need to understand is that Jacksonville, Kansas City and San Diego would all have top-5 rated offensive statistics if their spirit hadn't been broken by the mighty Broncos. :^)

Obviously I'm joking, but there is a LITTLE something to that. In today's parity-driven NFL, there are 2-4 good teams at the top, 2-4 bad teams at the bottom, and a huge lump (24-28 teams) in the middle that aren't separated by all that much. Watch as weeks go on, you'll find yourself saying "I can't believe Team A beat Team B but lost to Team C" a lot more than you would have 5-10 years ago. This has gone on forever, but not to the extent it has over the past few years. It really is an "any given Sunday" league these days.

What does this have to do with anything? Not much. I just want to say fuck you for lying about being on Big Brother. :^)

It doesn't matter who they've played. The bottom line is that they got playmakers across the board, and a scheme that works.


You're not from Lakewood, CO by any chance, are you? I think I went to High School (Alameda) with a "Smoker". Paul, I think?

So I guess KC's offense sucks then, but we can forget the fact their fist three games have been against Denver, Carolina, and the Texans, all three have good defenses? C'mon.

We shut Fred Taylor down.

Quick, look we shut LT down and held him to what I just read was 60 yards rushing.

Seriously, I am not saying that we are the greatest defense of all time, but when you shut two of the leagues premier running games down, and by all acounts shut down a high powered offensive team in KC to be the number 1 ranked defense that says something. Oh, as far as the whole Trevor Pryce thing, yes we miss him very, very much, but even without our best lineman we shut down the NFL's best pure running back. I think we are going to do just fine.


What's with people using this "we" shit all the time???

When did OG'ers make the roster?

I tried to get a job with them once.

"What's with people using this "we" shit all the time???
When did OG'ers make the roster?"

This "we shit" comes from being die hard fans and laziness, it is much easier to say "we will miss trevor Pryce" than it is to say "The Denver Broncos will really miss trevor Pryce.

We football crazies have a connection with our team. Thats all.


No, Scott that isn't me. But I'm from here in Denver though, knew some people who went to Alameda.

My screen name is sort of a weird homage to my favorite boxing ref.

Cool. Tell your brother I said hi!

LOL. Just checking.

A lot of people talking about how it's the system, and that any back can have success in Denver's system.

Obviously Clinton Portis has heard this talk. If he doesn't get things going soon, I wonder if this talk will stick in his head and really mess him up.

Denver I feel can now honestly say we got the better deal. Droughns is throwing a wrench into already a 3 back log jam. He is the fourth capable back denver has. Clinton Portis is fumbling all over the place and really hasn't done much all year. It is the system, it is the coach, and Clinton Portis will continue to show that all year long. I am guessing by the end of the year he will wonder if he made the right decision in bitching about his contract.


Portis just has been unlucky so far. Add to the fact that Joe Gibb's system isn't a good fit for a slashing RB. You can directly correlate the success of Washington's running game directly to their inept passing game.

Gibb's playcalling just flat out doesn't match his personnel.

I hope Portis does well, so Denver can continue trading these guys. Okay, I don't want them traded, but it's nice to know there's value there.