Deploying Outlook 2007

I'm having a problem trying to deploy Outlook 2007 using AD group policies. I created an organizational unit and put in it the machines I want to be part of the installation. I created a batch file pointing to run the setup file and placed the batch file in the startup folder in \domain\SysVol\domain\Policies{CF9F221E-157E-4745-99B1-F45A366CF302}\Machine\Scripts\Startup , but when I reboot the machine, the installation never runs. I've run setup.exe /admin and placed the .MSP in the updates folder at my network installation point as well.

Has anyone here deployed Outlook 2007 yet, and what method did you use? Most of the google articles I've found talk about deploying using SMS, but I can't find any about deploying with group policies. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Found it

(You may have to use google cache for it)

It problematic and not considered best practice to do it this way. Microsoft has taken this article down a few times, for who knows why. Here it is in its entirety, I hope it helps you out.