I'm on partypoker and should be receiving a deposit bonus(initial deposit) some time this week. Do these bonuses occur frequently or is it a one time deposit bonus for 1st timers?

One time for first deposit.

They have reload bonuses every 2-3 months or so.

Here is all the bonus information you need:

Last year I had a great deal going with Party and Empire where I'd completely empty out one account and play on the other only. Then after a few weeks the non-playing account would offer me a reload bonus and I'd quit and play it for a while and empty out the other. I swear I did this at least 10 times on each site before Party/Empire apparently caught on and stopped offering the reloads to me. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Edited because 'last year' should have read 'In 2003' since I have difficulty with the year-change thingee.

Party Poker reload bonus JAN05REL

15% up $100, so to take maximum advantage deposit $667 to get the $100 bonus. You need to be dealt 10x the bonus amount in raked hands. So for the $100 bonus you need to be dealt 1000 raked hands.

I started last night and went down $40 then was up $30 and now back down to even $667 with 500 hands raked. Halfway done, I'll finish tonight. I am four tabling $25 NL. It should take a total of about 6 hours to clear 1000 raked hands.

How does the reload bonus work? Can i have a large balance in my partpoker account and reload or is it only if I have zero balance?

thanks in adavance.

It doesn't matter if you have $10,000 or $0 if you deposit $667 (using the deposit code JAN05REL) you will get a $100 bonus in your account. After you are dealt 1000 raked hands you get the $100.
If you don't have any new money, you can withdrawl withdraw money from Party Poker and then redeposit it and get the bonus.

I just finished clearing the bonus last night. It took me about 6 hours to be dealt 1000 raked hands (playing 4 tables at a time). I made a whopping $5 in play, but with the $100 bonus I made a total profit of $105.

I just found out that JAN05REL doesn't work anymore, sorry. These bonuses can be shut down fast once the codes are leaked.

You can always go to to find the latest bonus information.

I just got an email and it's "BONUSJAN"

I'm thinking of trying to get the max bonus of $200.00 USD, but I have to play 1400 raked hands in a week. That may be out of reach unless I play multiple tables and I'm not good enough for that!

I never did multitables until I started Bonus Whoring. Don't worry, it's not really hard if you play only really premium hands (AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK). You could actually fold EVERY hand and still make a profit, so if you limit it to the top 5 hands you should break even at least.

Playing the $25 NL tables 4 at a time I could clear 150 raked hands an hour. At the worst I lost $5 clearing a Party Bonus, at best I won $40. This doesn't include the $200 in bonus money I got.

Look at it this way, you can learn how to multitable and break even if you lose $200 playing. It will probably take you 10 hours to clear 1400 raked hands.

You could just go for $100 bonus of 700 hands, that would take about 5 hours if you 4 table. 10 hours if you double table and 20 hours if you single table.

Good luck, it's really not that hard. Bonus whoring is the easiest money you can get. All you have to do is break even or lose a small amount playing and you can win $100's. I got over $1000 in one month just from Bonus Whoring Party, Empire, Paradise and Poker Now.