Depp vs Heard Trial thread

Just in case anyone wants to watch the shit show. Opening statements starting today. Woo boy they’re painting Heard as a psycho… which by all accounts she is.

Anyways heres a link to thw lawyer stream


50 cent guilty af GIF

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She’s fertile and ridiculously hot.

No matter how much crazy gets outed, the white knights will line up to save her.

Some women won’t respect you unless you treat them like a POW.


Most of you would hit it. Amber Heard ain’t bad either.


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There is going to be some great entertainment coming out of this trial!

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Someone should do cliffs here for those of us at work and can’t watch

@DY3 type notes like he did in the van life and other threads

Would you knock her up if given the chance?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • I’m gay

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I wish she’d shit on my bed.


Heres Rekieta stream… pick your poison

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Where is the: I Think You Are All Fags choice?

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  • I think you are all fags

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Ive dealt with women like this before. SUper hot 9s who think they can get away with anything because all the men in their lives put up with it. Then they try that with me and i kick em to the curb and its baffling to them lol. I dont put up with cunty women. As soon as I get a bit of cunty attitude thats it. I like nice old fashioned submissive. A little sass from time to time is expected but being mean and nasty like that, nope, im done. Looks like johhny depp is going to have to find out the hard way like most men do. These women can cause major problems in ur life. Dont like their hotness fool u. Better to find a normal woman who isnt insane IMO.


But yes its a real shame. The uber hot chicks are often like this unfortunately. I dont put up with it.

Like Ive had a woman who Ive mistakenly told terrible things that befell me as a boy, to say that I deserved that to happen to me its like I could fucking kill u right now u crazy cunt haha shed probably like that too to have that effect on me as im caving her face in. Best to avoid women like that as I have a bad temper.

I chose yes, but only because she has more cash and worst case scenario she ends up paying me alimony and child support. If I was Depp, I’d bang any one of the other 10,000 women who are just as good looking, not crazy but work at Starbucks.


THe most beautiful woman physically ive ever been involved with too. Absolutely insane and also all about the anal which i wasnt into which also pissed her off lol. FUck what a cunt.

I am not that interested in this story.


ALso the poop on the bed story, that type of thing happens all the time with anal. That what gets edited out of porno but happens essentially every time u have anal sex. Its not about poop or no poop. Its about how much as there is poop involved every time u stick it in someones ass, just not always visible.


Amber Turd