Depression, need prayer

Hey guys, nothing going wrong, things are going well actually, but falling hard into depression. Was hoping for a bit of prayer from my friends. This is a cyclical thing, usually doesn't last long, but it is a little deeper than usual.


the rev

will do now.

Rev, first of all let me say that I will pray as soon as I'm done typing this. Secondly, I tend to cycle that way due to rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes I don't realize that's what it is until I'm in a full downward spiral. Pretty freaky.

My wife swears it's PMS.

God bless you, John.

I´m sure there are many people you helped in your life that always remember you in their prayers.

good luck Rev.

take a little time off and do some fun stuff, if that helps.

I have been painting a lot for the last two weeks. Finished 16 paintings since the 1st. I think that has helped me fight it off til now, but today it caught up with me. Funny thing is tomorrow I meet with an art dealer in LA who is looking paintings for a Hollywood producer. I should be flying high, but...

thanks for the prayer, it is working, either that or the good tai food I am eating

the rev

*point, point* There's Heaven! *kick* Don't look at me, look up there! *point*

Prayers coming.

I am sending a little prayer your way now Rev

Thanks guys, your prayers helped last night, then this morning I had a very intense adrenaline rush morning, which helped alot, and then I wound up with a Hollywood art agent selling my paintings from her showroom. The combination has made me feel much better, thanks so much.

It is cool that I feel trustfull enough to ask for your help, I hope the rest of you can feel that way also, blessings to you all.

the rev

Glad to hear your feeling better John. I will keep praying for you.

My prayers are with you.

Am doing, Rev. Thanks for reminding me to pray you.

God bless you, Rev. I pray for you all the time.

John, you know you have them. If you need to talk..EVER...your offer to me goes both ways. you have my cell whenever if you need to.

yours in Christ


God bless you. Its always darkest before the sun rises.

maybe you could not assume that I am not doing more about my depression than just asking for prayer...

I happen to think prayer helps, if you don't don't ask, but don't assume that I won't go to the doctor if I need to, that I don't do cognitive therapy, that I don't exercise, just because I ask my friends for prayer.

the rev

Glass jaw, Have you sought help?

Bro see a doctor, he can help you.

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