Dereck Rose-All time scoring record




I was at that game tonight.   Didn't think I'd see a game that good at all, especially with the Bulls coming up with a loss. 

Can't believe how good Hansbrough played either, I want to thank him for playing so well though as I was able to sell his giveaway bobblehead for $25 bucks on the way to my car after the game.

 Hahahahaha, fuckin awesome. Suck on that Chamberlain!

 Bulls should have had that game. Pretty much nobody other than Rose was doing squat on offense, and why Thibs decided to go with Noah over Kurt Thomas in OT when Noah had been playing like shit the whole night and KT was at least giving you defense and made a few key plays down the beyond me.

As the great Stacey King would say.....did Chicago not get the memo? Hansbrough was lighting the Bulls up all night from outside and even late in the game they just weren't defending him. That is weird for a team that has been so good at making adjustments and have been so good all season at playing defense in general.

I'd like to blame the refs for this loss but the Bulls had plenty of oppourtunities, made plenty of mistakes and turnovers cough Keith Bogans *cough, missed too many free throws cough Omer asik cough, and passed up one to many open shots cough Kyle Korver cough. Deng needed to step up, Korver needed to shoot(I mean that is the only reason we went after Korver is because of his shooting and he just doesn't like the pressure).

Oh and if I see Boozer up off the bench celebrating and jumping around one more time while "being injured" I will personally go to a Bulls game and make sure that he is injured whenever he returns.

You alright?