Derek Chauvin juror lied. Hopefully mistrial

Will this picture help Derek Chauvin get an appeal? Juror attended BLM rally wearing ‘Get Your Knee Off Our Necks’ T-shirt before trial - and lied about it on jury questionnaire


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In a normal world… yes that would be enough.


That’s fucking inept - what a circus shitshow this case has become.


The is Minnesota. They could find that the original vote was 11/1 to acquit until this guy threatened the other jurors with a gun, and there isn’t a court in the state that would overturn the verdict.


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Mitchell said he answered ‘no’ to two questions about demonstrations on the questionnaire sent out before jury selection.

The first question asked: ‘Did you, or someone close to you, participate in any of the demonstrations or marches against police brutality that took place in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death?’

The second asked: ‘Other than what you have already described above, have you, or anyone close to you, participated in protests about police use of force or police brutality?’

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Yes, it’s an issue. Prior to the trial he was at a BLM rally in DC in which the family of George Floyd were speaking while wearing a T-Shirt that said “get your knee off our necks” and being described by his family as the “next generation of activist” on social media.

And then lied about it on a jury questionnaire.


This should absolutely result in a mistrial. But I do not see that happening.


Imagine the alternative.

Not surprising


I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this came out from the jurors.


There’s two separate things (actually 3) that should happen.

  1. he is caught red handed right here, it’s not disputable that he was less than honest. The feds were there to arrest chauvin if he was found not guilty, where are they now? The justification was that if the state won’t ensure “justice” the feds would.
    Our court system is the backbone of our approach to the administration of law. This is a big deal and should be treated as one.

  2. Obviously chauvins team has grounds for a mistrial and this is just one of many significant procedural issues with the trial and judge.

  3. And every other juror needs to get their timeline and answers squared up. Likely he isn’t the only one that was there on a mission and had zero interest in the fair and appropriate application of the law.

The actions, or lack thereof, on those 3 things will tell all.

  1. Mississippi. A white man kills a black man. He is on trial.

One of the jurors lied and said he has never attended a klan meeting several times. Then you find out he goes to klan rallies and wears klan appareal.

100% needs to be overturned. This is injustice. This should be what this country is united against. We have a system in place, and when you lie and bastardize that system, fuck you. INtegrity is at stake.


I read predictions that the judge will not rule a mistrial. If he did that he would probably have to go into protective custody. Or go off grid.

I mean between this, the settlement with Floyd’s family right before the trial started, Maxine Waters statements, not sequestering the jury during the trial, not moving the trial out of the city…in any other case this would be a mortal lock for a mistrial


As if we needed any more evidence that there is no rule of law in blue areas. The bill of rights doesnt exist, the constitution means nothing, you have no individual rights. All of those things are contingent on the political whims of the government there.


This and the Rittenhouse trials are a litmus test to see how far gone our justice system really is.


Juror should be fined and jailed for lying on the questions. Especially on just a clear cut question and obviously lying about it. I’d be curious if he was one of the vocal members trying to convince or intimidate others