Derrick Lewis vs Ngannou - JBJ is Out

They definitely aren’t.

But half the guys did shit in the past, not actively ongoing over years of their career.

Khabib was a one-off fight related thing which Dana surely loves for promotion. He is otherwise extremely unproblematic.

And Conor makes them a lot of money. A lot more than Jon does. And he fights.

The only 2 you listed that get any special treatment are Khabib and Conor and again, they wouldn’t be getting steak dinners if they didn’t sell as much as they did.

Yup, which is why neither side is negotiating and basically telling the other to eat shit.

Francis should win this fight every time but lewis does have the chance of knocking him out. I’d love to see black beast get the belt. He isn’t best fighter in the world material but has somehow got himself into this opportunity to be champion again.

Black Beast via KO

I’m over Athletes that think they’re bigger than the sport itself. To be honest sports in general I’m over, don’t need it what so ever but I’ve watched for so long when I’m out I find myself watching, oh well can’t teach an old DAWG new tricks.

Conor has 4 fights in the last 5 years, and a total of 6 fights since winning his first real title (7 if you count interim). Jon has 5 fights in the last 5 years, and has 14 fights since winning his first world title. Jon has headlined more PPVs than Conor and Khabib combined…so your comment about “and he fights” must be based on something I’m not understanding.

I get Conor and Khabib are fairly unique cases, but so is Jon. I said it on another thread, he’s sold more PPVs in his career than any UFC fighter not named Conor or Georges. People like Ronda and Brock were great for a small number of events, but Jon has consistently sold better than most champions. His bad fights do 400-500K, and he has something like 4-5 that have done more than 700K. His numbers were about the same as GSP in terms of cards that were over 700K.

Jon did more PPV buys with Anthony Smith than any of the DC vs Stipe cards did…so while Jon certainly doesn’t do Conor numbers, nobody other UFC champion sells more than Jon (unless they’re fighting Conor).

My point isn’t that Jon deserves to get his balls licked…my point is that Dana has working relationships with TONS of fighters, gets dinner with, has a drink with, and generally works well with TONS of fighters. Jon is the only champion who Dana openly ignores, and says shit like “Jon and I don’t talk at all.”

It’s really not that complicated…Jon feels like he’s worth more $, and based on his success in the cage, and in terms of PPV buys, he’s underpaid compared to how the UFC pays other guys who pull similar numbers. Combine that with Dana hating the guy and refusing to work with him on things, shitting on him publicly often, and here we are.

My Ballz is Hot

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Nah Jon’s list of fk ups that have cost the ufc money is a long long list.

Khabib jumped a fence and the other 2 you mentioned were things that happen long before they signed contracts saying they would be good boys.