Des Moines GET READY!!!!!!!!!!

XKK is on the countdown to having another great show October 30th at 7 flags. KICK ASS TIME!!!!!

i am soooo looking forward to this.


Jason D - I will give you one of the fights planned for the night and this should be reason enough to go

Dave Gardner VS Josh Neer

Need I say more?

sure if I was in Iowa but a friend of mine is fightin on the card and I just wanted to see the whole card. I live in Florida so I doubt I will be making it!

Jason D - Good reason on not being there.

Josh Neer (170) vs Dave Gardner (170)

Main Card

John Halverson (170) vs Matt Dorothy (170)

Victor Moreno (170) vs James Warfield (170)

Travis Fulton vs Jason Smith

TBA vs Joe Mabin (155)

Deryck Ripley (170) vs Jarred Taylor (170)

Anthony Porcelli(185) vs TBA (185)

Nowanda Bell (185) vs Ryan McGivern (190)

Jason Brilz (205) vs Kyle Olson (205)

Under Card

Mike Van Meer (210) vs Chris Harrison (215)

Cory Simpson (155) vs TBA (155)

Brian Green (185) vs Tim Weaver (190)

WHAT!!! No warfrog???

Cool. Maybe he'll have time to drink a beer with the common folk this time!

Oh I forgot Warfrog vs Big Gay Grappler


5 more days, 5 more days, 5 MORE DAYS!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!

Team Coroner will be in the house!

pppfft! common folk. wretches actually i may be in the locker room getting a rub down from bgg.

Warfrog - I told everybody you were a sick dog. Now that video is going to cost you double.

ttt, Awesome main event.

I thought Warfrog was the Big Gay Grappler.

TTT for DMEF AND DMMMAA and Warfrog's hair

pffft, more common folk.

des moines mixed martial arts academy is ready to put some beating on mofos.
The Dentist

4 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!