DeSantis' full answer compared to 60 minutes edit (video)

It’s incredibly difficult for a public figure to win a libel case. It’s even more difficult when the public figure is a politician and the alleged libel is by a press organization asking the politician about something they’ve allegedly done in office, and when the lie is one of omission. This is what the media does most of the time now, they simply leave out information that if the audience heard would give them a different (and more accurate) understanding of what happened.

Apparently the 60 Minutes team had been in FL for 3 months trying to dig up a story on Desantis, and this is what they came up with.

I was hoping 60 minutes wouldn’t collapse into what most media has become today, twisted narrative pushing biased media. Looks like it has.
One of the best expose’s they have done is on how the opioid epidemic was started

You know it’s bad when CNN says you fucked up.

DS gave that bitch a rhetorical smack down.