DeSantis suspends state attorney for refusing to prosecute crimes

Almost everything he’s doing here has overwhelming support. That the media is pushing the things he’s doing as controversial or unpopular is insane. The one place he didn’t have as much support was the Disney autonomy situation.

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If he runs for president, I was told that the next person that the state really liked is the sheriff from Dade County.

I guess he makes videos when the employees from Disney get arrested making fun of them for child trafficking


FL enacted some version of red flag laws under the prior governor, now US senator for FL, Rick Scott. The legislature has not since overturned them, so Desantis has not been able to sign a law that ends them. But, to my completely anecdotal knowledge, I have not heard of any cases indicating the laws are being abused. I do not know Desantis’ actual view on them, so he may be for them.


Isnt that what prosecuters do?..prosecute?
dereliction of duty

The media is trying to frame this over abortion, but that was basically just the last straw, apparently. This prosecutor had adopted the same kind of “restorative justice” approach as the San Fran prosecutor who was just recalled by the voters there who are fed up with crime going unchecked.


It’s a good thing they got rid of him.

If only newsom would do the same.


Anyone know what cases he didnt prosecute?

The article didnt say

Florida’s abortion law and child gender reassignment one’s I think


Ok… that’d explain why DeSantis is pissed off

I wonder how the prosecutor thought the could do this?

Do tehy get to pick and choose the cases they move forward with?

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They don’t get to pick and choose.

When they’re appointed or elected, they have to do the job regardless of their personal opinions or beliefs.

Unfortunately, we have many political activists working as DA’s or State’s Attorneys. States like California and New York have no issue with them. Good on DeSantis for doing what’s right.


Given all that I wonder how the guy thought he was gonna get away with it

Every prosecutor has the right to use prosecutorial discretion on a case-by-case basis, but going by what the governor is alleging, this guy was outright refusing to prosecute entire categories of offenses.

Saw a guy wearing a tee-shirt couple of weeks ago that said “Leadership is an action, not a position”. I think our governor gets it.


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Good luck with that

These faggot judges have basically watched too many Marvel movies

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You’re probably talking about Polk Co and no way Grady Judd would win. He does troll the criminals though.

Prosecutorial discretion does not grant the ability to outright ignore laws. That’s the problem.

I would consider it only if those who report said gun person must be punished severely if they abuse this.

Yeah it has been effective (literally thousands of guns confiscated) but you don’t hear all that much in regards to the law being abused.

I’m sure there are allegations of abuse here and there, but given the sheer amount of times the law has been used so far, the ratio of allegations seems pretty low.