DeSantis to pay for students college,but not worthless crap degrees

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will sign legislation into law that will expand access to vocational training and apprenticeships for Floridians.

House Bill 1507 will give $25 million to state colleges for workforce funding and $10 million for apprenticeship grants.

DeSantis is tapping into a growing trend in the United States of college-free career paths in the wake of staggering student loan debt — Americans owe more than $1.71 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 44.7 million borrowers, according Lending Tree’s Student Loan Hero website.

“These students are drowning in debt,” DeSantis said at a press conference on Thursday announcing the law at Hillsborough Community College. “But we see kids getting hired out of high school. They do vocational education, don’t go into debt, and they make pretty darn good money.”

Fox Business reported on the new law:

The bill’s Money-Back Guarantee Program ensures this– each [Farm Credit System) FCS institution and school district must give back the tuition money to students unable to find employment within 6 months of completing their select program.

Florida residents will also get access to an online portal with resources for career planning, finding jobs, and locating vocational education programs.

The new bill is just the latest in a week of legislative action for DeSantis; he has signed 45 bills since Monday. This is not the only new bill regarding education either. On Tuesday, the Governor signed a controversial bill to teach civics and anti-communism in school, in response to the spreading movement of critical race theory taught in classrooms nationwide.

“It’s about providing people with the tools to get their talents and abilities,” DeSantis said


I can get behind legislation like this. This will actually help people succeed and is a benefit to the community.

Not like giving free tuition for a gender studies course.


Yeah, I just can’t get on board with spending like that.


When AI takes over, it’ll be interesting to see what jobs won’t be phased out

He flew too close to the sun. Fuck spending my money on college of any kind.

DeSantis -1

New score 99


$25M is peanuts, but I hope he gets around to reducing the payroll bloat in the universities here. When I went to the university here I worked in the Office of Academic Affairs, and I know the school had almost a 5:1 ratio of faculty to administrative positions. That has been flipped since the Federal gov’t took over student loans and started guaranteeing them to everyone, which prompted schools to start doing everything they could to attract students because every student was $$$. College costs have been skyrocketing, and schools are full of non-faculty administrators now.

This is from 6 years ago (turn off javascript to get past pay wall):

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He is trying to encourage a generation of electricians, machinists, mechanics, welders, ect. We waste money on the dumbest things but this is valid and desperately needed. All of those professions can lead to a lifetime of a good paying job and/or business owner in a skilled labor trade. We gotta put money towards it.


We are a looong way from true AI. I think.
But just think of all the jobs the car took away… what about the printing press… the calculator… the computer
Innovation like this actually leads to new, better jobs
Yes jobs are eliminated.
No more horseshoe maker or encyclopedia salesman.
But now there are uber eats drivers and 1000’ s of workers in head office… and restaurants can reach more people for delivery than ever before

Hell, I wish this was a national initiative. I’ll take it a step further and advocate for programs like this to be put in American inner cities. This would go a long way to help smart kids who don’t do well in traditional schools because of all the distractions to make a better life for themselves.


Makes sense. The us needs lots of technically trained tradesmen to service the wealthy elite.

Don’t know if that’s sarcasm… but good tradesmen can make $100k easy and most likely more in ca$h

Why are you knocking them?


I’m not knocking them. It’s true- good tradesmen can do very well. the large majority however scrape by in the lower middle class. Nothing wrong with that. With the income delta between conservative policy makers and their constituents continues its current path, there’s a huge need for the ‘have nots’ to service the ‘haves’

Ain’t no robot going to unplug your shitter.


Because he’s leftist trash and thinks anyone who actually works for a living is beneath him.


It will hit all segments of society, from driverless cars to designing chips. Amazon has entire warehouses filled with robots operating in the dark without lighting to save electricity. Google has built a system that is capable of designing chips that can function at a higher level than human designed chips.

Before, the sarcastic joke was to learn to code. Now, that’s going the way of the dinosaur.

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I understand what he is doing. I still disagree with all the bloat on either side. I started as sheet metal worker Local 54. I did my time and moved on to more lucrative areas.

He still gets my vote in 2024.

There is a shortage in trade schools and fields. We pushed the “need to go to college” crap too far. Why do you think your plumber costs so much?

This is infrastructure spending that will last decades. He’s paying pennies on the dollar.


I can say from personal experience with the man that this statement is not accurate.

The robot will be in the pipes already.

Unless they’re AI designed homes designed to maximize savings with water and electricity usage.