Desantis's unconstitutional 'boob bait for the bubbas' law's operation is suspended by Court


I thought trumptards at least pretended to care about the constitution.


Free speech should be absolute in the absence of threats of violence and calls for violence. It’s not that hard folks.


Another L for the blubbering idiot DeSackless.

Turns out violating the first amendment is unconstitutional.

Stranger Things analogy is perfect. Chef’s Kiss.

The government of FL, under this idiot buffoon governor, wanted the ability to control the free speech, which is completely the reverse of how the actual constitution lays out free speech protections.

This is incredible. Put that opening paragraph in the Louvre.

All you troglodytes cheering for this bullshit law, imagine if the Governor of NY or CA passed an identical bill.



Saying chefs kiss is douche chills


The state gets to set state school curriculum. Not sure what the first amendment basis is but will try to read it.


That is exactly why HB7 was suspended.

The FL government wanted to control the free speech rights that did not involve stopping threats of violence or incitement of violence.

This is a massive, massive win for the first amendment and a huge dildo up the ass of government overreach.

A pretty humiliating loss for Ronnie less than 3 months away from the general election.

Oof and Yikes and Eek.

Ah different law. Yeah that’s a silly one trying to regulate private employer trainings. Thought it was the school one.

arnold schwarzenegger predator GIF

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Lol what’s with the douche language man? Oof?

Here is a good summary from FIRE from earlier this year explaining why this law was unconstitutional.

Given this was shut down for businesses, there is no way it will survive ACADEMIA.

Live shot of Ronnie digesting the news


Of course Desantis knew it was unconstitutional and wouldn’t survive but it got him a few good headlines.

Well, I’m not going to go as far with my language as VTCO, but this is one of the callouts with DeSantis; the Right loves him and thinks he’s great at fighting the woke libs, but much of what he does is for show or just part of a culture war. There have been a few things he’s done which immediately crumbled upon judicial review, this is just another one. Even the HB 1557 (Don’t Say Gay) will likely fall apart under review, and/or you’re going to have parents sue schools over nuance things just to prove a point, like not having ''boys and girls" bathrooms, because you have to teach gender to discuss them, etc.

I still think he’s the next GOP President, but he’s not as crisp as a lot of people think he is.

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faggot thread. bye

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Hi Bubba

You’re celebrating this galaxy brain federal judge ruling that sounds like he wrote it while high on edibles?

Spoiler alert, federal judges will overrule each other back and fourth until Kavanaugh and Thomas are deciding if Ronny D can do whatever the fuck he wants.

How do you think that’s going to go for you?

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It is also a massive waste of taxpayer resources as DeSackless was basically pushing unconstitutional laws as a campaign vehicle.

If he’s as smart as the OG claims, then there is no way he thought this law would pass judicial review.

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So you’re going to be completely cool when the Blue governor’s return the favor and start censoring companies in their states? Me thinks not.