Describe your Bicep workout

I'm a bit stuck in trying to figure out how to hit my biceps hard and make them grow so I'm curious as to how you guys train your biceps..which exercises, how many reps some often do you train them?

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Reverse grip spank


Pull ups and rows. 

My biceps are dog shit but all I do as far as direct bicep work anymore is dumbbell hammer curls and incline curls. I might start doing cable curls again. I will occasionally do cheat negatives with a barbell. 

Bench press and more bench press 

Straight bar curl 135lbs x 10 reps once a year for maintenance since 1996

Chin ups. A shit ton of them.

fuzzislipperz - 

Pull ups and rows. 

I have been doing these for years but my biceps didn't grow much ..I need to focus on biceps

dmercer - 

Get a barbell ..add 10 pounds to each end. Do ten reps,then rest and count to 10,then immediately do 9 reps, rest and count to 9, then do 8 reps, rest and count to 8...keep doing the same thing until you are down to 1. By the end itll feel like 100 pounds. This is called a superset and what works best to build biceps fellow noob

Not sure if SRS

Superset: 3x10 Dumbbell curl & dumbbell hammer curls

Barbell curls: 30/20/10 (add weight each set)

Preacher curls: 30/20/10 (add weight each set)



I curl 11.2oz to 16oz beers every night. 

Probably 100-150 reps. 

Triceps are a lot of your arm size. Train the brachialis (ez bar) and the biceps. Squeeze and muscle concentration. 

First.... look at your form.... at the end of a bicep movement your arm should be straight, if you’re standing when you contract kee your back straight etc etc.... one if the biggest fails with biceps is people loading up bars then swinging or not fully bending/straightening at the elbow...

EZ bar curls, hammers, preachers, wide/mid/close grip straight bar, 21s, hang 10s, supersets, pyramids, seated curls, lying down cable curls, overhand curls..... I could go on...

pick 3 or 4 of these exercises, do 3 sets of 10 reps of each... at the end of the 10th you should be struggling... the next week pick a different 3 exercises.... rinse and repeat.... eat clean protein...

fuzzislipperz -

Pull ups and rows. 

I guess deads and bench too, indirectly.

Curls only, preferably in the squat rack.

Huggsbear -

Curls only, preferably in the squat rack.

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