Describe Your Last Virus

Had Dengue 2 weeks ago. Came and went pretty suddenly

My son “tested positive” about 6 weeks ago, wife a week later and myself a week after that. They had the fever and cough, I had the sore throat, thought I had strep as well but it went away on its own. Never felt like I was going to die.

Sense of smell was out of whack the whole time, everything smelled the same.

I’ve had COVID 2*, the first time gave me one really shitty night. The second time was nothing. But about 4 weeks after COVID (so it wasn’t COVID) I got sick. Head cold, went to chest, got some lung issues and it persisted there for about 2-3 weeks until normal.

Tis the time of year (well, was when I got it). Maybe the flu, maybe just a cold that went to a pneumonia w my shitty lungs, who knows.

Shit everywhere dude. Don’t put hands in mouth or face. Wash hands. That’s it. Masks are a dumb control mechanism, we all know that.

Long and short of it, everyone fights colds and illness better when in good shape and well nourished (vitamins important!). We know that, so everyone do that!

Trojan Horse. Took hours for me to find the fucking file but once I did and uninstalled it I then updated my antivirus software and been good since.