Describe your perfect woman.

Nekkid with beer Phone Post 3.0

5'5" blonde. Not super skinny. But not thick either. Green eyes. Big butt. only a handful of titties is necessary. Lips Phone Post 3.0

Helen Keller

A blind, deaf, mute, nymphomaniac who is hot as fuck. Phone Post 3.0

kkmmnn - Natalie Portman Phone Post 3.0
Was going through a head 2 toe check list and immediately first thought of Natalie. Exquisite. Phone Post 3.0

Natalie Portman, Kate Beckinsale and Alison Stokke all great suggestions.

Honourable mention to prime Jessica Biel. Phone Post 3.0

5'6 blonde blue eyes, tanned, c cup breasts and nice tight bum. Phone Post 3.0

Sophie Howard Phone Post 3.0

Here she is:

That Lucy Pinder would do it for me. Phone Post 3.0

Paige Hathaway Phone Post 3.0

Tall brunette, pale skin (possibly freckles), grey eyes, D cup plus.

Prime Amy Adams Phone Post 3.0




Demure Phone Post 3.0

Makes my penis stand up.

Doesn't make me wish she was gone immediately after sex.

Rare to have both. Phone Post 3.0

She knows where to find the following. kitchen, knife, bread, butter, ham, cheese and tomato. Phone Post 3.0

Abella Anderson Phone Post 3.0

crazydave -

Here she is:

I'll never be able to look at her again without thinking "Murph!!!" Phone Post 3.0

Here is mine totally perfect, get a VU for help.

At least 6'2.
Dark hair.
Blue or Green eyes.
Nice ass.
Big shoulders and arms.
Must not skip leg day. Phone Post 3.0