Describe your rock bottom moment in life

Ive hit rock bottom in a bad way, basically threw my life away after making a bad decision.

Job and career are finished effectively as a result and lets just say things are not what they were at home and getting worse by the second it seems. I have 3 kids so its a fucked up situation. Dont worry Im not looking at a future living out of a van or anything like that, my family has money so ill be okayish I guess

Yes it was stupid especially for a man in his 40’s not a 22 year old kid so yes I am a worthless loser 100% so feel free to flame away I deserve no pitty but just reaching out to see what others have been through.


The moment you came out of my nuts


At least in recognizing theres an issue, you can work to fix it. As far as your job is concerned, all you can do is keep moving forward. I know that sounds cliche, but your situation wont get any better if you sit around and wallow in the crappy situation youve found (or put) yourself in. The next thing to do is update your resume and start shooting it out to job postings. If youre drinking excessively, cut back now. While i have no idea what you did to lose your job, you can always lie as to why you split with your last job and resolve to do better not to make the same mistakes again. I might catch some heat for that suggestion, but you gotta do what you gotta do to provide for 3 kids.

No clue what to suggest for the home issue bc i have no idea whats going on. But ill bet if you work to recovering a new job, home life will probably get a little better

For whatever its worth, i lost my job and almost ruined my relationship because of excessive drinking. I stopped drinking and did exactly what i suggested and i was able to find a new job in a different field with a bit of a pay raise. My relationship did better bc i wasnt constantly drunk and i got my shit straight at my new job


Cheers bro financially lets just say that my family is taken care of and always will be if not be me but our extended family. We own land the size of a small european country in North Australia, not quite that big but public highways and shit through it and god knows whats in dirt.

I just want to hear other’s stories of rising from the ashes like the pheonix

All this but a real story.
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Ten years ago, i would have recreated that gif, and had the paper fall into a shredder,

Now I can’t be bothered to get out of bed to go pee


One time I found out a girl I slept with was over 30


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Was a dark time


this is his

Tried gay sex while high on crystal meth. Some asshole came over, started fucking me in the ass, i didnt like it, asked him to stop, he kept going, i protested, he punched me in the back on the head, i accepted the situation.


Your not my real father!



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if it’s any consolation, he never realized his dream of being on America’s Got Talent, was run off the OG, and sells Hyundais now.


Cumming up Aces IMO

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Dafarq am I asking rock bottom stories from the OG anyway? 19 inch cocks, 7 figures and tranny porn star wives all around this bitch

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HAHA He’s still a good kid.



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