Describe your training routines

Can someone describe their typical mma workout(besides lifting weights and live grappling).What I'm looking for is specific drills and techniques that you work in a typical training session.Thanks

Mike ,would that be for your bulking routine?


have you seen bas's stuff?

Goddamnit,for the last time I'm not Jason Miller

Clayton- we start w/ warm up techniques (arm bar, guard pass, trianlge, etc- mixed w/ push ups and sit ups: about 20 min) Then takedown/sprawl drill about 10-15 min, then either live sub-grapple, or box/kickbox/NHB. Then hit mits for rounds. Sometimes we add stuff...just depends.

What do you guys do?

PS- hope the pics transmitted alright.

We don't do anything.We just eat pizza and watch fights and hope that some day we can remember how to do that when it comes down to it.Sometimes it works for us and sometimes it doesn't

You should try video games. You wont believe the
number of techniques I learned from Street Fighter 2
and Tekken.

We liek to watch realistic techinique,besides we're too lazy for video games

LOLWiggy on the S&C forum just came out with a MMA specific workout.Wiggy

body flow in the morning, kettel bells, at lunch, jiu-jitsu at night

Ok,what I am looking for is what you actually do in your actual fighting,bjj,grappling,Muay Thai class.

I am looking for new ideas to break teh monotony of our classes

Strength and conditionning is another issue that I have never needed help with once I actually got to the gym.

So far Halverson has provided the only real answer to what I am looking for.We actually do similar stuff depending on the day of the week

We do "Toughman" drills. One minute rounds on focus mits with as many punches as you can throw.

Five minute rounds on Thai pads working punch and kick combos.

Striking on the ground. One person with head gear keeps the other person in their guard and tries to NOT get hit, while the other person tries to land strikes from inside the guard.

Sprawl drills. Sprawl as many times as you can in a minute.

I see if I can think of anymore.

YES,this is the type of thing I am looking for.

Some drills that we do that incorporates both grappling and striking are:

a) 2 minute drill where both guys are standing. One guy (wearing head gear, mouth guard, no gloves) goes for the takedown while the other guy (wearing boxing gloves) just tries to sprawl and tee off. Basically a sprawl and brawl strategy by one guy and a wrestler's mentality by the other guy. The guy shooting the takedowns doesn't strike at all. This drill is awesome for conditioning and takedown timing, but the takedowns are obviously much harder to get when you can't set them up with any sort of striking. You can also add in kicks and knees if you like, I just find that it increases the potential for injuries.

b) 1 minute mount escape drill. Basically, one guy (wearing boxing gloves) takes mount and tries to land clean shots on the other guy (who's wearing head gear, mouthpiece...), while the bottom man tries to protect himself and either get back to half guard, guard, or reverse his partner. If the top guy gets reversed, he goes right back to mount.

c) 2 minute GnP drill on bag. We take down the heavy bags and lay them flat on the ground. You start on the left side of it (switching between side mount and knee on belly) and wail away on it using your whole arsenal (punches, knees, elbows, forearms... to the head and body) for 30 seconds, then go to north/south for another 30, then right side for 30, then mount for the last 30. Usually we do this in pairs of 2, alternating, until we've each done it 3 times.

d) 2 minute GnP drill on partner. The guy on the bottom is wearing a head gear (or we have cool little helmets that we use for this) and mouthguard, while the guy on top is wearing boxing gloves. The top guy, caught inside the guard, tries to tee off, while the guy on bottom tries to defend by keeping him in close, tying up his arms, using sweeps, subs, whatever he can to survive or better his situation. If the top guy gets reversed or tapped, they start over in the guard. You can do this drill with or withough guard passing. Sometimes it's tough to land good shots because the boxing gloves are a lot bigger than MMA gloves, but it's the only way to practice it without getting black eyes and busted noses every day.

when we thaibox, I allow the students to use takedowns and throws. (thats helped alot).

We also have gone from 14oz gloves to 18oz, this way my fighters can go harder w/ less injuries! I got that on from Bang! It really works good!

as far as grappling- Im still trying to figure away to work ground and pound in live situations without injury, its been difficult!. we used to use boxing gloves but they get caught all over the place.


What MP said...

we have tried misc headgears, but it just doesnt seem to work good on the ground?

we have tried misc headgears, but it just doesnt seem to work good on the ground?

We don't train headgear at all on the ground.When we train ground and pound we really train ground and pound.It is not a rarity to see someone come out of practice looking like a bruised turd.However when we get in the ring and start getting beat on it's not nothing we havne't been through a hundred times before.

However this is for our sessions for those that actually train for mma.What I am looking for are drills for the guys that want to train in bjj and muay thai but don't want to compete at that level.

I guess what I am lookig for is more drills for bjj.

After wrestling and doing muay thai I know how to train myself and what works for me but these guys are a different story.

thanks for the drills