Description of Lindland vs Fedor

Lindland clinches with Fedor. Fedor turns him around. Lindland is fighting for a takedown. Fedor takes Lindland down and quickly mounts him. Fedor spins for a leg lock but Lindland has none of it. Fedor now working from Lindland's open-guard. Fedor passes to half-guard. Fedor mounts again. Lindland gives up his back. Emelianenko attacks Lindland's arm but he esacpes. Fedor tries again and forces a tap with an armbar early in the first round. The official time is 2:58.

Sounds like pure ownage by Fedor....

Damn!!! Another win for the best fighter on the planet!

Sounds like someone from the minors fighting a major leaguer

and im a fan of Lindland, but thats how i seen this fight on paper

i figured Fedor would get a refs stoppage from strikes though, never called a sub

Damn, really thought that Lindland would give a better showing than that - oh well, props to him for taking on the challenge!

Fedor is so overwhelming .. recall the CroCrop fight

Hendo did a better job against Big Nog. I expected a little more from Lindland than this too.

What's funny is that 90% of the North American fans have no idea who Fedor is. To truly understand the UFC today, every new fan should be required to watch Prides 1-34. Any numbers on attendance for Bodog?

Did fedor wear the shirt inf0 made for the contest?


he tapped out a 185'er? SHOCKING!

what's awesome is that it's a grappling ownage.

"he tapped out a 185'er"


UG math skills strike again!!!

Well, Lindland went toe-to-toe with Rampage, same guy that owned Chuck.

Fedor, being the greatest MMA fighter on the planet, tooled Lindland.


Any description of Alvarez/Thompson?



"Fedor/Randy will be similar to Fedor/Coleman."

Because Randy sucks just as bad as Coleman in the sub dept?

And just for the record, we know Fedor is a HW and Lindland a MW but the weights for Fedor 225, Lindland 212.

IMO, this is impressive for the sub grappling results. Many people questioned Fedor's skill in this dept after the Hunt fight and because he doesnt fight follow the bjj play book.

IMO though i originally thought there was nothing to gain for Fedor here but hearing the way it happened, i think he has.

Fedor is a beast. I knew he'd win but I thought it would be a bit more competetive.

Except for a "lucky" win I don't see anyone beating Fedor anytime soon.

He basically out grappled and subbed Lindland in as dominant a fashion as Jacare and Werdum did years ago, except perhaps even more quickly.

I thought he would win easily, but I didn't think he would sub Lindlad and just out grapple him in all aspects.

too bad Fedor is with Bodog now after the Pride takeover.

I was under the assumption that we could see the best fighters in ONE ORG.. looks like that wasn't the case.

Huh? He's exclusively with Bodog?