Description of Lindland vs Fedor

What's funny is that about 40% of the UG was picking Lindland to win for some reason.

Whew! The upset bug is over. Fedor is the MMA god.

Yeah, a lot of people were picking Lindland. Personally, i thought Lindland might be able to be competitive for some time but he doesnt have the finishing ability i thought to be a big killer against some like Fedor.

Also, true Lindland gained weight for this but Lindland only weighed 13 lbs less than Fedor. THIRTEEN.

I also think people made a bit too much of the Hunt fight. I mean if Fedor sucked that bad, why the fuck couldnt Nog , the best bjj fighter in the game, gotten remotely close to where Hunt got over 2 whole dam fights?

not a bad payday for lindland.
minimal damage taken for

breaks down to $3932.58 per second of the fight.

Well, I guess that's about what we all expected.

I thought this was a significant win. Many were not sure how he would deal with Lindland's clinch, and thought that his best strategy would be to keep it standing.

It sounds like Matt was completely overwhelmed technically.

Fedor haters love to cling to the fantasy that everything he accomplishes is due to his speed advantage at HW. That's part of it, but why are some people unable to recognize his skill? There is no way he subbed Lindland because he is faster, bigger or more athletic. That took some mad skill.

It's funny that in all of Fedor's fights, all we have are a couple of moments that suggest his mortality. The Fujita wobble, a minor stun by Cro Cop, and yes, an uncomfortable couple of minutes on the ground against Hunt of all people.

I almost wish that he doesn't get signed by the UFC and wipe out all its HW's. Because if he does that, we'll have to listen to how he needs to drop down to 205 and prove himself there. Cuz, you know, LHW's are faster and stuff, and the fight game is all about speed.

"too bad Fedor is with Bodog now after the Pride takeover.

I was under the assumption that we could see the best fighters in ONE ORG.. looks like that wasn't the case. "

Were's the source confirming Bodog has a multi-fight contract with Fedor? Are you just assuming he's with Bodog?

"not a bad payday for lindland. minimal damage taken for 700k
breaks down to $3932.58 per second of the fight."


What did Fedor get btw? I guess this was truly a no-brainer for Lindland in more ways than one.

i dont think a figure was posted for fedor. If i had to guess he prolly got the same or a little more PLUS a cut of ppv. i am sure they took care of the best fighter in the world.

It's still unconfirmed because I heard it from a second-hand source, but according to the Observer, UFC is motioning to get Fedor to fight either Couture or Cro Cop.

here's what we take from this. hendo said on sirius radio that this will give them an idea of how randy's style will do against fedor. i can't wait till dec. when crocop fedor 2 happens along with liddell vs shogun.

Fedor was too strong and a true heavyweight.

"a true heavyweight"

Both Fedor, and Cro Cop are far from being true heavyweights.

"fedor hasnt faced many with those attributes, except for arona, who was dominating fedor when they fought..."

Two takedowns in 15 minutes and nothing else is dominating?

That was Fedor first match, and probably the only one where he fought entire time not in a smart way. Continually trying to go to the ground with a guillotine on a grappler of Arona's level was not a good strategy.

Although, Fedor was always changing things up in his RINGS fight, building his skills in all areas in the ring, perhaps he thought what better time to test his ground that against one of the world's best in that area.

I give lindland all the credit in the world for taking the fight but what were the chances of him pulling it off........

^ yeah but he got apparently paid 700K and had absolutely nothing to lose/everything to gain?

Who wouldnt take that opp?

700 K...Damnnnnn!

Fedor owned a middleweight, wow.



i dont care if he weighed 250, lindlands a 185 lb fighter

freakin noobs...