Descritption of Shogun event ?

If there was anyone who attended or has seen the tpae (if one exists)... I would love to know how these fights went down...

1. Cruz Gomez/Abe Rodriguez

2 Christian Wellisc/Dennis Taddio

3 Robbie Lawler/Shogun Kawakatsu

4 Makoto Ishikawa/David Velasquez

5 Tony Fryklund/Marty Armendarez

6 Norifumi Yamamoto/Josh Thomson

7 Duane Ludwig/Thomas Denny

8 Yves Edwards/Kultar Gill

9 Wesley Correira /Aaron Brink

10 Baret Yoshida/Caleb Mitchell

11 Amaury Bitetti/Dennis Hallman

I know the results...I just wanted to get a little description...



I got beat by cruz hes very good and caught me in an armbar. Barret beat caleb with a guillitine in under a minute. If anyone got the tape please contact me I still havent seen the tape

Every tape trader that I know (Even mine) has this event,but they say it has no audio.


How can I be a mudnamer????


crowbar can you email me about a copy

Look for the ATTN Abe Thread