Desert Brawl 17 results ???


TTT for Mike Joy

TTT this 'til we get the results please!!!!



Hey, this is going from memory so please forgive me.

Gunderson over Joy RD 4 by a powerknee. Guns is new Desertbrawl 155 champion.. Both fighters looked awesome, but Joy just couldnt get off any subs.

Hawes over Purcell Unan decision

Guerrin over Wrecc Rd 1- Wrecc broke his leg kicking Guerrin in the first 6 seconds of the fight

Lininger over Cochran Rd 1- Matt Lininger got his ground game off and sub'd Dave rd 1.

155 Amature belt stays with 'Hollywood' Trevor Harris over Zach Jenkins Rd 3

Trent Standing (me) over Jeremy Albrit Rd 1 KO.
Nick Breaker over Trejo Free Rd 2 (Trejo did not answer the bell)

I can remember some of the other fights but I suck with names,, maybe one of the guys that have a fight card still can post more results.


Thanks Trent! and congrats!