Desert Island.... Video Game Edition

Ok it works like any other Desert Island question. You can have 10 video games to play for the rest of your life, however there’s a catch. The 10 games must all have been made before 2006. Why 2006, you may ask? The last PS1 game was released in 2005 and I thought that would be a good cut off point(So no PS2 games). There are games like RPG maker on PS2 which sort of changes the rules so I was trying to avoid that and some other games that cause issue with the whole 10 game limit. Remember this isn’t your 10 favorite games(I guess it could be). These are the games you will be playing for the rest of your life. So variety might be important.

  1. Final Fantasy 7 (PS1)
  2. NFL Blitz (PS1)
  3. NFL Hangtime (PS1)
  4. 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge(NBA Jam but for hockey) (PS1)
  5. Tony Hawk 2 (PS1)
  6. Final Doom (PS1)
  7. Diablo 2 (PC)
  8. WWF No Way Out (N64)
  9. Golden Eye (N64)
  10. GTA San Andres (PC)
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Tetris (Gameboy)
Dark Souls 2 (PC)
Mortal Kombat 2 (Arcade)
Sensitive (C64)
Lethal Enforcers (Arcade)
Unreal Tournement 2003 (PC)
Resident Evil 4 (Wii)
Killer 7 (Gamecube)
Eternal Darkness (Gamecube)
Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar)

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Tecmo Bowl (NES)
FF7 (PS1)
WCW (N64)
NCAA Football (PS1)
Bill Walsh College Football (Sega)
Madden '93 Gold Edition (Sega)
FIFA '93 (Sega)
Mat Mania (MAME)
GTA San Andreas (PC)

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Damn… didn’t think about GB tetris. It’s one of the games I play the most too. You used to play UT2003? Did you play UT99 as well?

Is Tempest 2000 really that good? I’ve never played it but I heard the soundtrack is fucking awesome on the Jaguar

Without online game play I think I’d get bored of any game pretty quick
I would rather have call of duty and just be limited to hardcore team death match vs any 10 games. That is at least different every time.

Mat Mania!!!

That was the very first arcade game I ever played. I wasn’t even big enough to reach the controls, my dad picked me up to play it. The announcers count when there are pins is engrained in my head. That robotic sort of voice that gives the word “one” like 12 syllables. “Two” was very short and then “THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

I just played a bit of it the other day.

10 games?

I dont think Ive played ten different games in the last 15 years.


end of list.

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@Marial_Arts what say you?


I dont know ?. .

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Ok ?. .

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Just name your favorite games then


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A: no
B: Yes, Jeff Minter is god!

  1. Counterstrike
  2. Final Fantasy 11

Those are all I would need

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Yea literally all I need is Counter Strike, Day of Defeat and Firearms.

FF7 (PS1)
EA NCAA (any year)
EA NHL (any year)

Is there a theme in there? Yup, I’m old and don’t game much anymore. Have never played a MMO or FPS game ever.

What’s your list look like, @MagicJack_Kirik ?

Does Magical Jackson know ?. .

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I don’t play much at all either anymore but I’d have to make sure I had some variety with the 10 games.

Breath of the Wild
Madden (not sure which year, I haven’t played since '13 i think)
Link to the Past
Nascar (gamecube unless there are better ones now)
Guitar Hero
Command and Conquer Red Alert (PC)
UFC 3 Undisputed
Tiger Woods Golf (Wii)
Assassins Creed Brotherhood

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FF10 is PS2. you can’t have it. FF7/8 and the other games you can.

Diablo 1,2,3, and 4 if it’s out by the time I’m stranded on the island

Few Call of Duty games with the zombie mode and bot mode

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Witcher 3

Need for Speed Heat

Thats about all I can think of. I tried to list games with some unlimited gameplay modes.