Desert Quest 8-BJJ/Grappling Feb21

Arizona Desert Quest #8 - Grappling / BJJ Championship presented by Sprawl Fight Wear

Date: Saturday, Feb 21, 2004


Westwood High

945 West 8th St

Mesa, AZ 85201

Weigh-Ins: 10:00 AM ( cut off at 11:30 AM sharp )

Fight Time: 12:00 PM ( noon )

All teams and individual competitors are welcomed to participate.

Competitor entry fee: $30 for one Division or $50 for both. To encourage Team participation, there will be a team discount for 5 or more team members registering together ( $25 for one Division or $40 for both ).

Children ( by weight not age ): $20

Spectator admission only $5.

Planned weight classes for Gi and No-Gi Tournaments:

135 lbs - 147 lbs

148 lbs - 160 lbs

161 lbs - 173 lbs

174 lbs - 188 lbs

189 lbs - 201 lbs

202 lbs - 213 lbs

214 lbs - Over

There will also be an OPEN Women's Gi Division and an OPEN Women's No-Gi Division.

Directions: closest major cross streets, Alma School Road / University Ave.

Westwood High is located on the South side of West 8th St between Alma School and Country club ( closer to Alma School ). West 8th St is just North of University.

From 202, take Alma School Rd exit ( exit #11 ), turn south, go 1.1 miles, turn left on West 8th St, go .3 miles and Westwood High is on the right side ( south ) of the street.

no 134 and under division?

Hi Ulysses - start eating a little :) Hope to see you and your teammates there.

"start eating a little"

Im gonna get on a Cold Stone and Wing Stop diet.

BTW where can I email you?

Hi Ulysses -

you got mail

ttt for the Cobra Kai guys :)

If I win do a get a cool looking belt like Marc got?

Useless, what's up bro? Haven't seen you post in a while. Congrats on your win at Brennan's tourney! Did you get your shot at Russ?

bjj4life- hey bro was going on, naw Russ hurt his shoulder like 2 months ago and is out for a few months.Hey can you email me I wanna talk to you about something



Is that e-mail address the same one you use for your contacts here on the UG?

Ummm Ive had that email addy for like a year I use to use a different one but thats my main one why?

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