Deshaun Watson is F@$%ED

she seems to be one of those SJW chicks

from the OP

Doe 15 alleged in her lawsuit that when Watson “eventually flipped over onto his back, the towel fell off [and] … Watson was completely naked and exposed his penis to the Plaintiff. Watson also moved his penis onto Plaintiff’s hand. Watson had pre-ejaculate leaking out of his penis, which got onto Plaintiff’s hand. Plaintiff felt like she wanted to vomit.”

Damn pre-ejaculate gets me every time. Whoopsies.

I’m not surprised muthafuckas!

Judge orders woman suing Deshaun Watson to disclose name

HOUSTON – At an emergency hearing Friday morning, a Harris County judge ruled that one of the plaintiffs suing Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson must identify herself by refiling her lawsuit with her name attached.

The original lawsuit, filed by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, was filed on behalf of Jane Doe. Of the 22 lawsuits filed against Watson alleging sexual assault and inappropriate conduct, only two women had been publicly identified.

The ruling was made by Judge Dedra Davis in the 270th District Court. A similar hearing regarding at least 12 other cases is set for noon ET Friday in the 113th District Court, according to court records.


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In her IG it says “POC & LGBTQ Friendly”

Kind of a weird thing to say, no? One would assume this was the case?

Is the second $40 only if they win?

It’s lacking context to you, only because you were too lazy to read the allegations.

So brave. A warrior.

So what?

So crazy when I went back and realized this was Rashida Jones in this and Rocapads skits.

But even the ones in his defense said they went to massage his genital area mostly and knew how to move his penis professionally

I didn’t realize it til I just read that…lol…I had no idea…I’m used to The Office Rashida

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